Example sentences of "'d be " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Thank you for all the help you gave to us and to Bob during the last few days of his illness — I only wish we 'd been put in touch with ACET sooner .
2 i found myself in the same place where I 'd been wounded in Easter , 1917 .
3 Doing Ophelia on stage before taking up the BBC contract meant that I went there with a little track record — I 'd been blooded , if you like , and it made the whole thing a lot better .
4 I 'd been trying to get into training since I was fourteen .
5 But common sense , coupled with the prospect of the time and paperwork involved in interviewing the hundred or so people who 'd been through the Cookery and Refreshment Tent during the past few hours finally defeated his hope for personal glory through brilliant deduction .
6 They 'd been in it only a year , but Mrs Yardley had lavished as much effort on it as she had on her beautiful cake .
7 ‘ We 'd been in my room — Ronny 'd gone out , he always does between shows .
8 ‘ There 'd been two heads on those pillows , ’ agreed Ethel , ‘ and two bodies between those sheets , however hard they tried to disguise it . ’
9 ‘ The gentleman who 'd been in with her would naturally have gone back to his room well before people started stirring . ’
10 I was surprised because she 'd been throwing herself at him all day and not getting anywhere much . ’
11 If I 'd been a union member I might have held out for a better offer or some redundancy money , but I was n't , so that was that .
12 I could not believe that I 'd been so stupid , or that such a simple mistake was about to have such dire consequences .
13 ‘ Everyone would think I 'd been messing around !
14 Honestly , girl , if you only knew where I 'd been to try and find you ! ’
15 Both Jenny and Kathleen were up to various things and I 'd been having a go myself , but although my name was appearing on more and more waiting lists , nothing substantial seemed to be happening .
16 We 'd been visited by 700 people .
17 She selected the first three pages — Lucy as she 'd been allowed to see her , and handed them over .
18 Any conference she 'd been to , everyone wound up in her room long after midnight , playing poker and spouting Bacardi bullshit , wine-bottle wisdom .
19 But whenever she 'd been free to emigrate , she 'd fallen in love and put it out of the question .
20 In fact , the day before the I Love Lucy St Patrick 's Day , she 'd been told of a good job with the British Council in the Gilbert Islands .
21 And Lucy called her in the morning , swept away all doubts with a rush of enthusiasm about the exhibition , and only when they 'd hung up did Jay realise that she had n't given her a date , a time ; that she — they ? — were just where they 'd been five months before .
22 But I realised I 'd been a bit heavy .
23 as if she 'd been wearing a coat of many many colours , and , beached on the desert island shore of Pity Me , had shredded the damn shrunken thing .
24 She apologised of course ; I gathered she 'd been talking quilts with a fellow enthusiast and had forgotten the time .
25 In the heart of the vast city , Daddy again , his brown eyes bright , you could see his sparse hair growing down by the minute into the Hippie pigtail he 'd been too young or too old and always too respectable to wear …
26 He 'd been beaten up once and arrested once . ’
27 It was her nail scissors that she 'd been searching for days , lost under the hearthrug and pressing into her hip ; and the cry was also her virginity , small and bewildered and gone .
28 Then he 'd jumped to his feet as if he 'd been bitten by a snake , shouting , ‘ You 're a virgin !
29 How glad I 'd been in those first nights with him .
30 How could the English boy go on living now that he 'd been found out ?
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