Example sentences of "about the " in BNC.

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1 I started to read newspapers and magazines more , and , for just about the first time in my life , I began to take an interest in current affairs .
2 This was potentially just about the safest ‘ skipper ’ in Britain .
3 Provided the approach path was correct beforehand , the adverse yaw as the aileron is applied swings the nose off to just about the right point to keep the glider on the correct path .
4 Some burning sun , black clouds , rain and wind were the backdrop to another highly agreeable fortnight in Paris at just about the perfect time of year .
5 This was just about the time when pale ales from Burton were starting to grow in popularity .
6 Tip on the concrete and level out with a rake until it is just about the level of the formwork
7 The listing , which is to raise £4.8m through a 38.5 per cent placing , will give the club a market capitalisation of £13m , worth about the same as Tottenham Hotspur , the only other English football club to be publicly owned .
8 During the Thirties when we were all in the big bands , I remember the really fiery jazz clarinet he used to play with us in the Bag O' Nails , just about the first jazz club in Britain . ’
9 Media analysis often arouses controversy , not just about the findings themselves but about their policy implications .
10 Sometimes when we 'd been out to clubs Bernie would give me a lift home to my parents ' , right out in Greenford where we 'd moved just about the time I started keeping twilight hours .
11 What I meant was he 'd got just about the finest set of false teeth I 've ever seen .
12 ‘ I reckon just about the whole population of Kingsmarkham knew Charlie Hatton would be taking the field path home that night . ’
13 That particular guy was the first person out , then I was just about the second out .
14 SAVING the punchline till last , just about the best joke of a pretty unfunny decade comes in its dying days .
15 SAVING the punchline till last , just about the best joke of a pretty unfunny decade comes in its dying days .
16 That is a pity : the price of financial distress is just about the only way in which the cost of capital for firms plausibly differs between the two rivals over the longer term .
17 ‘ And I 've got just about the best security around , ’ he says .
18 Unkindly , I laughed and told him that that sounded just about the worst idea I had heard for a very long time .
19 Yet for all that , health provides just about the bloodiest battleground in British politics today .
20 Evelyn was just about the most self-deluded person she had ever met , a vociferous pseudo-feminist .
21 ft was just about the last poem I wrote on my own for the next six months or so ; it is called ‘ Believing Is Seeing ’ , and it was also about a carving , the sculpture illustrating the miracle of Christ healing the blind man :
22 ‘ They were just about the only times we set eyes on them , ’ she went on .
23 At just about the same time , a cigar-gnawing chief executive thousands of miles away was shredding his meticulously planned TV schedules to find a slot for a homely Australian series which was to become one of the all time surprise hits , turning many of its stars into instant celebrities .
24 ‘ It was just about the only song I knew the words to and was an impromptu thing , but it got things started .
25 Scaup must be just about the loneliest farm in England , tucked down in the shelter of the hills with Kielder Forest 's dark mass blocking its southward view and the narrowing valley of the burn filling half the sky to the north .
26 It was always a safe bet , of course , that Hillsborough would be just about the least dangerous place in Britain yesterday .
27 THE ALTO saxophonist Arthur Blythe is just about the most accessible performer to come out of the free jazz movement of the '60s and '70s .
28 The Viognier grape is just about the world 's rarest great white variety .
29 A rising shot by Sheringham , tipped over by Chamberlain after 36 minutes , was just about the last moment of anxiety for Luton .
30 The most popular ethnic cuisines are Chinese , Italian , Mexican and Japanese , and just about the only restaurants you wo n't find in any great number are Indian .
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