Example sentences of "days ' " in BNC.

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1 The smuggled letters take three days ' journey to Rabat from the prison : some never arrive .
2 That it is n't that you 've got up on the wrong side or eaten something which did n't agree with you or just need a few days ' rest .
3 Henry Tyler had had an unexpected few days ' leave and had descended on his married sister and her husband in the small market town of Berebury in Calleshire without a great deal of warning .
4 My blue period officially ends when we have a big leaving party for Kathleen and Katrina in a couple of days ' time but in fact it probably ends just about now .
5 The poem would arrive in two days ' time .
6 Most successful governing bodies send their entry away for at least ten days ' intensive training prior to a world event .
7 Our plan was to meet there in a few days ' time , once our researches in New York were concluded .
8 From the oast house we wandered back to the brewhouse where the copper boil was progressing satisfactorily and the previous days ' brews were frothing cheerfully away in their tall , cylindrical fermenters .
9 The European champions , who host the first leg in 11 days ' time , have lost Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten and are struggling for form .
10 Its paper was to be presented to a Market Research Society seminar last March when , with three days ' notice , the health department instructed the authors to withdraw it .
11 The last two days ' scenes of disarray , including some fisticuffs , caused by the exclusion of far-right MEPs from the leadership of two delegations to foreign parliaments , are demeaning to the European Parliament , and bode ill .
12 Nottingham ( tel : 0602 481444 ) is offering the same return on its Anniversary Bond for investments of £5,000 or more but there are penalties on withdrawal within 12 months — 90 days ' loss of interest .
13 Use this where your employee is leaving and has had at least four days ' SSP in the last eight weeks of the contract .
14 In January 1922 the Smolensk party committee estimated that there was only enough fuel of all kinds left for seven to eight days ' consumption .
15 Gudok reckoned that there would be only two to three days ' reserve for the railways as a whole .
16 a compassionate employer — compassionate by those days ' standards , not by today 's standards .
17 After five days ' walking they were obviously all fit and experienced .
18 At five o'clock we wandered back ; after all , it might get dark in fifteen days ' time .
19 ferry timetables forced a quick visit , but it allowed two good days ' walking .
20 It will include the personal weapon , three days ' rations and ammunition , along with as much water as can be carried , and also nuclear , biological and chemical warfare equipment , since the enemy is known to have a chemical weapons capability .
21 Training has been completed for the week , and the platoon which paraded for its Pass-Off today has now left the barracks for ten days ' leave prior to posting to various battalions in England , Ulster and around Europe .
22 The two-month period between finishing his Special-to-Theatre EOD course at the School of Ammunition and arriving in the Province suddenly became two days ' notice , due to a shortfall in EOD Operators .
23 I 'd come 7,000 miles at three days ' notice — and for what ? ’
24 An East German parliamentary committee yesterday dismissed a draft travel law , saying that the 30 days ' travel to be granted a year in no way met people 's expectations .
25 Emergency party congress in nine days ' time .
26 Shop stewards have recommended accepting the offer of just under 9 per cent — worth £10 a week to most bakers — two extra days ' holiday by April 1991 to make five weeks a year , and other benefits , including better sick pay .
27 ‘ I think everyone is probably making far too much fuss , and Angela has just taken off for a few days ' holiday . ’
28 The curds of two days ' cheesemaking are mixed together before being milled and pressed .
29 Some observer data on incidental catches on four vessels of the red squid fleet , over a total of 67 days ' fishing through the 1980s , showed that 105 marine mammals died in 2870 k ( 2000 miles ) of drift-net - one death for each 27 kind of net .
30 This is equivalent to five days ' trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange , 2.5 times more than a couple of years ago .
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