Example sentences of "do go " in BNC.

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1 We I think you know we can do go into just four four people .
2 erm it 's very difficult to spot what 's going to go wrong in advance and some of the things you suspect are dodgy nobody has any trouble with , some of the things that you just did n't occur to you that would go wrong do go wrong , it 's like , mm mm , yeah mm
3 You know what she 's gon na do go to school and put them down !
4 How did the er Christmas do go ?
5 you know , but I 'm there on my own I can pot do my hair , do what I wan na do go up the stairs , have a bath , you know , just do what I , drop my clothes where I wan na drop them and everything .
6 cor this is a bit ugh ah let's all clap for Neil , er , er what 's he gon na do go off and have a boxing match ?
7 If I can do go
8 what do you wan na do go to places like you know the alternative , do you wan na be er inside journalist or an outside one ?
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