Example sentences of "does go " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Our understanding is that if it does go to court , the hearing will be next year . ’
2 One thing she does go dewy-eyed about , however , is the old show business days .
3 If it does go through it will provide a double benefit for the UK-based telecommunications group and is also likely to be seen as a significant plus for Hong Kong 's stock market .
4 Even if everything that might go wrong does go wrong , it would require extra efforts of neglect , incompetence and ill fortune to fashion a depression even half as bad as that of the 1930s .
5 He does go some way towards outlining counter-arguments and replies , but his style is the playful one of a cat with a mouse .
7 Perhaps he does go a little over the top with the rubato in the slow movement of K332 , but no-one could really object to such sincere intentions when they are delivered with such conviction and zest .
8 Even if it does go outside , there is little to hunt on the manicured lawns , and no serious threat from feline neighbours .
9 Even if everything does go wrong the interviewer will have forgotten the disasters which seem so catastrophic to you five minutes after you have left the room .
10 ‘ I thought about it and it does go back to those very early days and probably to that first meeting , ’ she says .
11 It now has one production controller and everything does go out on time , according to Mr Peters ' research .
12 ‘ This safety net ensures if something does go astray with sentencing , we do n't suffer in silence . ’
13 And when the ball does go in , Ince and Palmer must be there to stop the Turkish midfield playing it out from knockdowns and clearances .
14 — Hardware — Software — Procedures — How it all goes wrong — What to do when it does go wrong — How to prevent it going wrong — How to evaluate products
15 If the PB is identified as being that the child does not go to bed until very late , the most suitable way of setting a baseline is to note over a week or two the actual time the child does go to bed .
16 ‘ If anything does go wrong — ‘
17 However , Althusser 's approach does go beyond orthodox Stamocap models by promising to provide a theory of the functional autonomy of the state from responding directly to the economic imperatives of capitalism .
18 And how can you guarantee a reasonable level of support in case something does go horribly wrong ?
19 And he warned : ‘ If he does go ahead , he is out of Labour .
20 The mess does wash off , and the smell does go … in time .
21 The Profitboss rarely seeks help , but he does go out of his way to provide it , even if he sees no profit in it immediately .
22 Erm , and , and I think sadly , as well the problem is that if this recession does go on for any length of time then we will be losing many of our
23 Even if the company does go to the equity market , its depressed share price will affect management only indirectly , as noted in Chapter 2 .
24 ‘ She does go round very silently .
25 If the ball does go through someone 's legs , that Brownie is out .
26 And then if your blood pressure does go down a bit it does n't matter cos you 're lying down .
27 Er otherwise people 's blood pressure does go vroom into their boots .
28 So if you take the first one immediately before you go to bed , if your blood pressure does go down rather a lot , it does n't matter cos you 're lying down , you 'll
29 It does go on .
30 A little really does go a long way , so apply sparingly , by dotting on minute amounts and rubbing in well — only re-apply every three hours or so .
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