Example sentences of "just about " in BNC.

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1 Dear Anne Collins , ten years younger than me , taught early Renaissance painting and was just about my only real friend there .
2 His biggest problem was that because of the way things work in academic life , regardless of whether or not I changed my lectures from one year to the next , I was just about unsackable .
3 I had just about reached the stairs , when suddenly a white door to my right burst open and a group of students tumbled out , shrieking with laughter .
4 I 've had just about enough of this .
5 The telephones kept me just about busy but the potential for job satisfaction in the tasks I was required to do was almost nil .
6 I started to read newspapers and magazines more , and , for just about the first time in my life , I began to take an interest in current affairs .
7 I passed back the form and just about managed a smile myself .
8 ‘ I think that is just about that . ’
9 ‘ I was one of their less incandescent members of staff — they just about kicked me out actually . ’
10 This was potentially just about the safest ‘ skipper ’ in Britain .
11 There was just about room to lie crossways , but not front to back , and there were no windows .
12 If this was how things worked , just about every war veteran that ever was would ‘ inevitably ’ end up homeless because of their past .
13 I tried eating a sandwich with my second cup of tea and I just about managed it .
14 In fact , I saw from the station clock that I had timed my arrival just about perfectly .
15 ‘ Since Christmas , just about .
16 ‘ Where I work 's the same , just about .
17 That just about wraps it up .
18 My blue period officially ends when we have a big leaving party for Kathleen and Katrina in a couple of days ' time but in fact it probably ends just about now .
19 Provided the approach path was correct beforehand , the adverse yaw as the aileron is applied swings the nose off to just about the right point to keep the glider on the correct path .
20 Good health is not just about providing efficient , high quality medical services .
21 it 's just about dark and Harriet 's hair flies out and glimmers as she moves her head .
22 Some burning sun , black clouds , rain and wind were the backdrop to another highly agreeable fortnight in Paris at just about the perfect time of year .
23 This was just about the time when pale ales from Burton were starting to grow in popularity .
24 Tip on the concrete and level out with a rake until it is just about the level of the formwork
25 Although Lord Rees-Mogg 's confession that he is not a modernist can just about explain his neglect of artists such as Schoenberg , Proust , Kafka , Beckett and Auden , sheer ignorance is the only way in which one can account for the omission of Charles Sherrington , Alan Hodgkin , Lord Adrian and David Hubel , to name but four in neurophysiology ; Rutherford , Bohr , Planck , Heisenberg , Dirac and Gell-Man in physics .
26 As Jonathan Martin , the BBC head of sport , put it : ‘ It 's not just about having the biggest cheque on the table .
27 After a year in which the Treasury 's forecasting failures ( notably that very large trade deficit ) have been rather obvious , it is only fair to recall that it did presciently point out just about every awkward little detail of the poll tax , from its automatic upward impact on inflation to the folly of providing local authorities with a golden opportunity to raise more tax while blaming the Government .
28 Just about everything works well enough in this competent but hardly inspiring production .
29 During the Thirties when we were all in the big bands , I remember the really fiery jazz clarinet he used to play with us in the Bag O' Nails , just about the first jazz club in Britain . ’
30 The finales to both Acts are effectively concerts , the sort of agreeably naff rock'n'roll revival that might just about pass muster as a Capital Gold one-nighter down the Hammersmith Palais .
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