Example sentences of "be assumed " in BNC.

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1 For every £250 ( or part of £250 ) over £3,000 you will be assumed to have an extra £1.00 per week income .
2 For example , if you have £4,200 savings you will be assumed to have an extra £5.00 per week income , even if you are not actually receiving any interest from your savings .
3 Furthermore it can not be assumed that all RDS information will be received accurately at all times .
4 This , it is to be assumed , his liberal readers may take seriously as a threat , but hardly as an option .
5 It should not be assumed , however , that an analysis of the incomes per capita of various countries or regions will provide a precise measure of the market potential of each ; income is a useful indicator , but it does not provide the full picture .
6 The ‘ conglomerate ’ regression equation could be assumed to apply to Panaragua .
7 If tension was so high in an area not stricken by famine , it may be assumed that as much or more violence occurred in regions like the Ukraine and Tambov guberniia , which were nearly as badly off as the Volga .
8 And the final reflection which suggests itself is that if this pattern of behaviour should prove to be normal , it should be assumed — at least until the contrary is demonstrated — that it is beneficial and has been evolved by trial and error as a preservative device or mechanism .
9 Due to the ‘ Fiduciary ’ ( trusting ) nature of the relationship , honesty and integrity is to be assumed on both sides .
10 He thought that if people such as the Iroquois of North America practised a particular type of agriculture it could be assumed that their institutions were the same as those of long dead prehistoric peoples who had a similar level of technology .
11 It must not be assumed that the absence of a 24-hour rhythm in newborn babies means that they have no rhythms at all .
12 It can therefore be assumed that the Soviet commanders are fully aware of the situation , if not totally in control of it .
13 Most important , given that a rogue GMO in the environment might continue to reproduce and spread , it can not be assumed that any system of regulation can adequately guard against an environmental catastrophe .
14 He bethought himself guiltily of Sergeant Crane , who might be assumed to be waiting to continue the conversation that Francesca 's call had interrupted , and padded down the corridor .
15 Someone had thus moved the body , and it had to be assumed that it was the same person who had pushed her on to the plough .
16 If we were to fail in one area it would begin to be assumed elsewhere that perhaps the anti-British propaganda of our enemies had some basis to it , and that the Government were no longer willing or able to help their friends .
17 Besides , the causes of some 60% of birth defects have yet to be discovered : it can not be assumed that all of them travel down only the female line .
18 Nor can it be assumed that all parts of the biosphere have the same 14 C concentration .
19 It must not be assumed that the most likely date is in the centre of the range ; to quantify the distribution of the calendar dates , one of the probability methods ( which require computerisation ) must be used .
20 From dating studies on archaeological ceramics , we know that the environment does not make the largest contribution to the annual radiation dose of ceramics , and a likely range of environmental radiation values can be assumed in estimating the TL age .
21 In a poll of Anglican Clergy undertaken in 1864 only 40% expressed the view that the damned would suffer everlasting torment ; it may be assumed that a poll of laity would have disclosed a substantially lower percentage.ii .
22 As the centuries passed and the second coming receded into the remote future , it came more and more to be assumed that the final verdict could be pre-empted .
23 It is accepted that not every ‘ foul ’ committed in breach of the rules amounts to a crime , and it seems to be assumed that players do , and may lawfully , consent to physical force over and above the minimum permitted by the rules .
24 Since the identity of one 's sexual partner may be assumed to be of fundamental significance , it is surely unjustified to give effect to this only where the mistake concerns whether the man is the woman 's husband ?
25 In any situation where someone has died , it may be assumed that more people are likely to be significantly affected by the death of that one individual than may seem apparent .
26 On the local level , where a much greater chance of agreement could be assumed and where Hughes could not veto their action , political work was easier .
27 The conference decision arose from an implicit assumption by the Carnegie Trustees that following a three-year funding of successful pilot schemes , subsequent responsibility would be assumed by LEAs .
28 It should not be assumed that relationships between the Board and the District were adversarial or competitive at that time .
29 He was collecting for over forty years and , as Miller was a regular recipient of Bartram 's shipments , it can be assumed that ‘ a large proportion of plants credited to Miller as introducer consisted of collections by Bartram and if this is true he was probably responsible for the first appearance in the gardens of England of between one hundred and fifty and two hundred plants ’ ( John Hendley Barnhart , ‘ Significance of John Bartram 's Work to Botanical and Horticultural Knowledge ’ , Bartonia Special Issue , 1931 ) .
30 She is right to draw our attention to the importance of signalling in both ‘ actual living and theatre ’ , but it should not be assumed that the same kinds of signs are employed in these two contexts .
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