Example sentences of "that giving " in BNC.

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1 No one pretends that giving up smoking is easy .
2 Yet in a former Durham pit village , although all had either been made redundant or been forced out of work by ill-health , a group of miners were so sustained by the community network of neighbours and relatives that giving up work seemed a positive blessing .
3 The next two chapters , accordingly , are concerned with evaluating the effects of reinforced training — in particular , with the suggestion that giving subjects experience of different stimuli associated with different schedules can modify the way in which these stimuli are perceived .
4 Local authorities , English Heritage , and ministers and their advisors must be made aware that giving planning permission to build in the grounds of houses does not lead automatically to their restoration .
5 ‘ There have been claims that giving women testosterone in hormone replacement therapy increases their libido , but this is n't proved .
6 The good news is that giving up smoking for the sake of the unborn baby is all that has to be done to bring an end to these needless deaths and halt the other harm suffered by these most defenceless of nonsmokers .
7 I know that giving a man on a ventilator morphine in high doses , enough to cause general anaesthesia , is risking his life , and it distracts me to think about whether or not it 's ethical .
8 They are also concerned that giving distinct roles to two separate groups of directors is divisive and that two tier boards might arise because of the split in responsibilities .
9 The UK , in particular , is fundamentally opposed to the idea of compulsory employee participation , believing that this is an area best left to individual company policy and fearing that giving in on the issue in this context could lead to similar measures becoming a compulsory feature of EC company law .
10 What one can be absolutely sure about is that giving up does the other side 's work for them , and ruins all your own possible futures and other people 's as well .
11 We have seen that giving advice is bad counselling , but it is also insufficient .
12 If the EEC were to acquire its own resources , then the organisation would lose the element of control over its spending that came with the existing system of national contributions : Hallstein could then argue that giving the European Parliament more authority would provide the necessary democratic control over the Commission .
13 Most people had come to understand the danger posed by Hitler 's Germany ; but they decided to delude themselves into believing that giving him Austria and Czechoslovakia would buy him off .
14 The evidence now suggests that giving up smoking in the seventh decade of life brings health benefits .
15 Hayward ( 1975 ) felt that giving patients advance information helped to reduce their anxiety levels during and after treatment .
16 Edward Miall argued in the 1840s that giving the vote to the working class would give them that sense of citizen responsibility which they were said to lack , and that as a result the middle class would be able to " lead them almost whithersoever they please . "
17 Also , I 've always thought that giving pleasure is as important as receiving it .
18 In that giving she found completion and happiness beyond all expectation .
19 Studies in animals and humans have shown that giving angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors after myocardial infarction reduces left ventricular remodelling , and this effect has been linked to benefits in clinical outcome .
20 Do the data from the CONSENSUS II study provide conclusive proof that giving an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor early produces no survival benefit ?
21 Aboriginal communities have been so disenfranchised in the past that giving them a say in policies and decisions affecting them is seen as a key element in improving their health
22 Indeed , the Aboriginal communities have been so disenfranchised in the past that giving them a say in decisions and policies affecting them is seen as a key element in improving their health .
23 I have just said that giving reasons is a move in the direction of objectivity .
24 In short , the latest evidence does not suggest that giving more tax relief will promote much more giving .
25 Apart from the fact that Havana 's support for these adventures added up to little more than ‘ a limited amount of old weapons ’ in the chaotic early months of revolutionary power ( Bourne : 1987 , p. 188 ) , ‘ it must … be recognised that giving aid to revolutionaries seeking to overthrow dictatorships is a long-standing tradition for Latin America 's democratic Left .
26 Researchers in Sheffield analysed the contents of several popular brands and found that giving a baby the recommended dose of eight 5ml spoons a day is equivalent to an adult drinking five tots of whisky !
27 On the face of it , this is very alarming and seems to imply that giving your baby cow 's milk will have her haemorrhaging blood .
28 She could n't be at all sure that giving in to such an impulse would have the desired effect .
29 She wanted to jump straight up from this padded and sheet-covered bench , once her blood donation was completed , and go up to Labour and Delivery to see , or at least hear about , Faye , but she knew from experience that giving blood left her drained and tired , and giving two hundred and fifty mils extra tonight would really sap her physical resources .
30 As they talk over old times in Santander this week , where England start their rehabilitation course after the Swedish nightmare , perhaps Neal can start persuading the boss that giving every English player in the Premier League a cap is not the way to get to America .
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