Example sentences of "that knew " in BNC.

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1 In the last year of a brief life at the heart of a kind of doting celebrity that knew the value of success , he fell into notoriety of the sort that is just as American as his life .
2 I said sir , up until now I thought that in Costa Rica there were only four or five people that knew about this place .
3 ‘ And the places that knew them shall know them no more . ’
4 The figure in the painting spoke of the human spirit and looked out at the world with a serene timelessness , and eyes that knew the great gift of being a master and an artist .
5 You had certain of them that knew where you could slip in — you could slip in for a smoke and a cup of tea , so long as you were n't caught .
6 ‘ If you worry so much about things , Miss Mac , then why do you sell them at all ? ’ she asked in tones that knew there could be no answer .
7 The head was away and that was dreadful because he was one of the few people that knew what was going on because the community adviser told him that home/school links was an area that we should think about ; that is the school .
8 Combined with a poetic passion that knew no limits , such qualities created an idiosyncrasy and style that usually survived a fallible and bewilderingly confused keyboard mechanism .
9 Well , I do n't know his people , the ones that knew him .
10 People that knew me were asking what was wrong with me , they were shocked at the state of me .
11 The voice spread like ink through blotting paper and seeped across his mind until it reached the nerve that knew it to be Bella 's .
12 Liberman found in Penn what he considered the essence of an original photographer , ‘ a mind , and an eye that knew what it wanted to see ’ .
13 And er I got , they 'd got about twelve hundred members , and I think I got about a thousand , of course there were n't two of the men that knew and they voted .
14 Erm and the difference in appraisal between the groups of people that knew about the speaker before and those that did n't know anything , they say it is important to the similarity attraction .
15 And er the foreman and bosses that knew people and they knew the circumstances and I suppose they put a word in and erm you know men were sort of stopped because er I mean , if a man had a house full of children or something , he 'd probably be the very last you know before he was sort of forced to g you know sacked or wh And I mean they were n't sacked in a sense , they was always ready there was a place ready for them to come back to there .
16 He did his work here well and thoroughly , but he hankered , every so often , for the rough grey seas and painted , cloud-dappled hills of Northumberland , and his children , and the soil that knew his step and warmed under the sole of his foot , like a caress .
17 He recalled his days growing up in Glasgow in the midst of many friendships , that knew no restrictions of race or creed and that enriched the lives of young and old alike .
18 All that knew McMurdo agreed that he 'd end his days on a hangman 's rope .
19 I learnt , a , a , a , a , a good stud groom , a man that knew his job , I learnt mine from .
20 One , one of the most common question of the last weeks are we yes last weeks Sunday visiting that I was involved with in my ward was from people who were perturbed , not about means testing because that is not the word that it was about , but about something that is on the same kind of sphere and that was about whether erm East Gates which decided to be their own managers would also be able to their own tenants and keep the ones that were less suitable away from the ones that knew that they were suitable .
21 See before nationalization , it used to be men who rose form the ranks that got the jobs , you know , men that knew the job .
22 So they had to get a chap that knew his business and I think he was entitled to get extra money .
23 The other half of him speaking , the half that knew it ought to run .
24 Clary would smile , nod obligingly , with a look that knew something they did n't , one which delved deep down through two small black holes into a mind of knowledge , hidden inside , never daring to seep out .
25 Chris said it might have been somebody that knew you like , was banging on the door .
26 And he wanted , he was a man that knew what he was doing .
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