Example sentences of "that gives " in BNC.

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1 It is the pre-intellectual awareness that gives rise to it .
2 I now turn to a consideration of some implications of the cognitive neuropsychology of face recognition for phenomenology — an approach to the mind and mental phenomena that gives prominence to introspectible ‘ phenomena ’ understood as acts of consciousness and their immediate objects .
3 The choreographer must learn the natural functioning of the dancers ' bodies in order to combine steps and poses in a way that gives quality to the whole .
4 Mr Rogich says , unhelpfully : ‘ I look at everything from the historical point of view because I think that gives greater impact to the message . ’
5 Helping punters outwit the bookies is something that gives Brittain real pleasure and he recalls with pride how an acquaintance made an exceptionally nice profit when the trainer 's Terimon took second place to Nashwan in this year 's Derby .
6 Mr Bush accepted the Pentagon proposal even though he told the United Nations that he believed ‘ we can achieve the level of verification that gives us confidence to go forward with this ban ’ .
7 WITH ONLY 48 hours to come up with the cash , Michael Knighton 's £20m take-over bid for Manchester United is back on course following a High Court ruling that gives him leave to put together a funding package .
8 in a way that gives the company a competitive advantage over rivals
9 It is as a native that he accepts the River God , and it is the subjection of Man that gives to Man his dignity .
10 Having to make hard decisions involving people is the only thing that gives Haslam sleepless nights .
11 • After several days on this schedule they will be going to bed and getting up at their chosen time , one that gives them enough sleep during the weekdays .
12 However , the architects ' view is that this communal aspect of the building is most clearly expressed architecturally by the central atrium , a space overlooked by the lift lobbies and the galleries of each upper floor that gives access to the flats .
13 Of the Paternoster Square development , what he wanted to see , he said , was ‘ a roofscape that gives the impression that St Paul 's is floating above it like a great ship in the sea ’ .
14 Here is this man , never previously seen doing his public duty , always seen merely roaring at the Labour Party or being interviewed like any tuppeny-ha'penny minister , now occupying the despatch-box which is the only site that gives credibility to his claim to be a prime-minister-in-waiting .
15 Any scheme that gives money directly to farmers is indeed bound to be more leak-prone , and need more bureaucrats , than a rigged-price system .
16 It is the tension between these two roles that gives Hanson its strength .
17 The family is a primitive institution that gives the rich an excuse to exploit the poor and prevents the poor from resisting .
18 It 's something that gives his performance in Glory a genuinely affecting complexity , something which suggests he may develop into an actor with some depth .
19 You must never diet so quickly that you lose the muscle tissue that gives your body its shape , firmness , and definition .
20 It is this quality that gives them the semblance of life !
21 ‘ We want a boat that gives a good grounding in trapeze and spinnaker techniques , in all weather conditions , but that is n't too demanding for youngsters joining the class .
22 Similarly the companion should have no tax liability as it is presumably the disposal of an interest in his/her main residence that gives rise to the receipt of £34,000 .
23 We might well be inclined to call this intentional object the context of the emotional arousal for it is the cognitive relationship with a particular context that gives the emotion its particular characteristics .
24 We are not claiming either that He has somehow implanted in us a sixth sense that gives us certainty He exists whilst our other five senses provide no such assurance .
25 Through the arches is Piazza Cavour , named after the hero of the Risorgimento , a piazza that gives on to the Giardini Pubblici ( Public Gardens ) , one of several splendid oases of green in the city .
26 Go left to reach the small square of Piazza Sant' Eufemia , where across a small lawn that is longer than it is wide and bordered by tall conifers , you will see the church that gives the piazza its name .
27 Using genetic engineering , the company Delta Biotechnology has inserted into yeast the human gene for the manufacture of haemoglobin , the protein that gives blood its scarlet colour and transports oxygen to tissues around the body .
28 When choosing say , a new fridge , do we worry about the power it uses compared with our existing model , or do we go for the one with the clever arrangement of shelves that gives plenty of room for the mineral water ?
29 What is needed in this case is a single figure that gives an indication of which package as a whole is best value .
30 This has a micro-cellular construction that gives great comfort and flexibility , yet wo n't tear or separate .
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