Example sentences of "i knew " in BNC.

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1 While deciding to stay as independent as possible , I contacted ACET who I knew provided practical care at home .
2 Whilst resolving to stay at independent as possible , I contacted ACET who I knew provided practical care at home .
3 I contacted ACET who I knew provided practical care at home . ’
4 More than sixty years after the event , while watching a child of his own try out his first steps , he suddenly stated in reminiscence and satisfaction to his most intimate Spanish friend , ‘ I remember that I learned to walk by pushing a big tin box of sweet biscuits in front of me because I knew what was inside . ’
5 But what I knew and felt kept interfering . ’
6 I knew Gail Benson slightly when she was a schoolgirl , and remember a pretty moon face , big eyes , a freckled complexion deepening to russet , dark hair parted down the middle — a nut-brown maid and modern miss who must have wanted to be away from the French Lycée in South Kensington , shy , uneasy , wound-up .
7 I knew I would n't play her as a wimp and the whole audition was based on the speech where she goes mad — the flowers , rosemary for remembrance and the whole bit .
8 As an auditionee I knew I worked best if I attempted something outrageous so I prepared Lord Foppington from The Relapse and you just have to let go with his Lordship otherwise there 's no point to it .
9 Not that I wish to say , he wrote , that everything is inevitable , on the contrary , I wish to assert emphatically that nothing is inevitable and nothing was inevitable , neither what I did nor what I thought , neither what I felt nor what I suffered , yet everything was necessary , a necessary beginning and necessary Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) is misleading , since it was only after I had begun that I knew I had begun , while before I had begun , before the 27 July 1967 , there was no beginning , as there was no end , there was no time and there was no freedom from time , only endless cups of coffee , endless cups of tea , endless biscuits and endless bacon sandwiches .
10 Though it has to be said , he wrote , and Goldberg , his eye racing down the page covered in his friend 's tiny handwriting , paused to sip from the glass of fresh orange-juice at his side , wiped his forehead and went on typing , it has to be said that I have occasionally had the illusion that I knew what step to take first and even , occasionally , what step to take second , I will not talk about a third .
11 I knew what I wanted , but I could n't find it .
12 I knew the face and knew at once that we had been intimate , but I had no idea who she was .
13 The difference is that I knew what I wanted and he did not .
14 I knew when I first thought of it , he wrote , when I first set it up , that it was to be the final piece .
15 I knew once I started that there would be no going back .
16 I knew I was on the right track when I felt that thrill of pleasure at placing object , not painting it .
17 And Goldberg in the margin : for the whole of the time I knew him he had , stuck on his studio wall , a reproduction of Picasso 's amazing 1943 painting of the mother teaching her child to walk .
18 I knew it was n't safe , ’ she jabbered .
19 I knew it the moment I saw it last Sunday .
20 I knew she 'd gone up to Jack 's — she always does now if he 's alone , makes no secret of it .
21 I bet if I told those Germans downstairs what I knew about Father 's job they 'd sit up and pay attention .
22 Rik Mayall 's name was all it took to persuade Ate de Jong to direct the film : ‘ I knew him from his work in THE YOUNG ONES .
23 I knew that , in the cold light of day , he held all the aces .
24 For one thing , I was genuinely upset by what had happened ; for another , I knew it was pointless expecting him to change his mind .
25 I knew she was n't coming back .
26 It hit me just how right Anne had been when she said that teaching was the only job I knew — and how horribly ill-equipped I was for anything else .
27 That , I knew , was it as far as my family was concerned .
28 He confirmed that he did think it would be for the best if I dropped out of family life , and in my heart , I knew he was right .
29 However , I knew that Sarah and John had to be still around .
30 Even though I knew what I had to do , once I got outside Liverpool Street station , I just wandered off aimlessly .
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