Example sentences of "to all " in BNC.

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1 Equally , a particular type of catholic identity may not belong to all but remains politically dominant for similar reasons .
2 In cultivation it is quite hardy and suited to all but dry or exposed places .
3 Hails from the Caucasus mountains and is well suited to all but dry or exposed sites .
4 He made a stately , somewhat forbidding exit , his displeasure plainly visible to all around , his mien daring unkind souls to snigger .
5 Olver , who acknowledges an even greater debt that Northampton have to All Black Wayne Shelford and coach Glenn Ross , also a New Zealander , makes no promises about the title .
6 It is indicative , too , when a mistle thrush changes his tune , forgets to repeat his challenging spring song and slips down self-consciously into the lower boughs of a larch to all but whisper a softer , lazier , persuasive serenade .
7 That gives encouragement to all of us who argue that the British electorate has an enormous collective wisdom that has seldom let it down .
8 Free to all 4–11 year olds .
9 While this permitted access to public life by more of the natives ( standard national education was required to give access to all ) , it excluded the Europe of Latin-speakers and the immediate inheritance of religion .
10 The church was built for the German Lutherans in Prague between 1611 and 1613 , after the Letter of Majesty ( 1609 ) ensured freedom of worship once more to all ( see p. 9 ) .
11 Below the bridge , the stream , so far well behaved , vanishes in a fit of petulance into Thorns Gill Cave on its north bank , the interior being out of bounds to all but experienced cavers .
12 I offered them all glasses as well , and Angelica took one and went on bellyaching to all around her about how Steve had let her down and she should never have trusted the louse , and it was a tribute to her acting that there was a distinct drawing aside of skirts in the pursed mouths of those around her who were fed up with hearing about it .
13 We are keen that the climbing public is aware that the event is open to all ( for the price of a ticket ) .
14 As an encouragement to all knitters to use the book as a source of design inspiration , George le Warré includes a section on colour and design together with a short technical explanation of how to write and adapt a pattern instruction .
15 Or is it a universal meaning that is potentially available to all but in practice is available only to the structuralist ?
16 The net effect was that , given dedication , princes — Louis VI , Geoffrey le Bel , Alphonse-Jourdain — could subdue rebellious castellans within their own demesnes , and could build castles of their own which were impregnable to all but lengthy and sustained attack .
17 Civil liberties were guaranteed , the franchise was extended to all over the age of eighteen , and an enlightened approach was urged for the industrial and education spheres .
18 The labour movement , supported by Charles Booth , had long advocated universal pensions payable to all over sixty-five .
19 But he was still to all intents and purposes uninterested .
20 Oh they used to all different stalls used to sell One stall they used to sell fruit and and that and then perhaps another stall they 'd sell pots and er and all like that all down on them stalls .
21 And er we used to all do that and then in the week in the weekday
22 These initial contacts and bribes led to all most thirty years of close political , military an developmental co-operation between Israel and Iran .
23 In addition to acting as local pilot to some of the remoter islands during our stay , there were trips by car to all the more interesting spots on shore such as the old village of Skara Brae , the Churchill Barrier and the Italian Chapel .
24 My Bill also seeks to right the serious and indefensible wrong brought about by the abolition of free eye and dental tests ; and free prescriptions would be available to all over the age of 60 .
25 There was loads of encouragement to all those who attended and took part to take up the sport on a regular basis .
26 ( Open to all over 16 ) bringing you the world 's best films .
27 A day earlier the Falklands Islands Legislative Council had passed a long-awaited bill allowing licensed surveys of the area , prompting Argentina 's President Carlos Menem to approve a bill in Congress rejecting British sovereignty and setting out Argentina 's right to all mineral deposits within 200 nautical miles of the islands .
28 They used to all sit glowering into their beer .
29 When I was working at British Airways we used to do a lot of technical training and erm it was sort of on er airline regulation , stuff like that and you could always tell the activists cos they did n't really want to all they wanted to do was to get on the computers and actually trying out things out themselves , they piece of furniture the activists do n't want to read the instructions , they want to start putting it together and then they 'd learn from actually putting it together rather than them reading the instructions and regulation training you could always tell the activist cos they sort of always like chopping every bit , they just want to they just want to get on the computers and start inputting numbers and they 'll actually learn , they , they prefer to do that and then somebody can come round and help them out when they get into trouble rather than some of the other which perhaps like to more up front and that 's the activist .
30 The Law Commission said ( Report No 69 , p175 ) " In [ this ] case the terms of the contract will not be decisive — regard will be had to all the circumstances " .
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