Example sentences of "the corner " in BNC.

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1 The same angle was conspicuous in the title story of Naipaul 's previous book , In a Free State , where a coup in a new African country was studied , as it were , out of the corner of an eye ; and it also occurs elsewhere in his work .
2 The island 's public affairs and significant politics can occasionally be seen , out of the corner of an eye , to be no less invaded by contingency and incomprehensibility and futility than the life and times of Jimmy Ahmed , to have the status of rumour , to be little more than a remote and indecipherable response to a random outbreak of violence .
3 Round the corner was Dixon 's Blazes , a blast furnace , and the Workers ' Circle , where dreams of socialist emancipation were debated — dreams which were soon to fade for Glasser .
4 Yet it is easy for pioneer users and IT investors to remain with the tried and tested applications and miss out on the cutting edge opportunities just around the corner .
5 And there , on the third step , upside down in the corner by the wall , was Bunty 's other sandal — dainty lacy white straps with the arched instep and the two-inch heel hanging half off .
6 He walked past Claire 's room and turned the corner .
7 I expected Father to chase me , but when I reached the corner and looked back he was just standing there talking to the thin man .
8 At last people were going to see the real Dorothy , the real live woman behind that starchy old madam who 'd sat in the corner for all those years , hiding from the world in general .
9 As it turned out , rather too much excitement was just around the corner .
10 Soon I was round the corner again and on my way back to the station .
11 Young Donald leaned his long-barrelled small-shot gun in the corner by the door and then his face darkened over .
12 Menzies the old bon vivant had not a fraction of Atholl 's strength , he would not dare to turn them away , and if he did they would go in there with sticks and clubs and — As Cameron felt his anger rising , he swallowed it , took up his own cherrywood stick from the corner , and went hack outside .
13 The plural is required for this multi-talented worker : his ground-floor music-room included a chair , a not over-expensive hi-fi unit with a modest collection of cassette tapes and a synthesiser ; in the corner stands one of his guitars .
14 He shivered ; he put the central heating on ‘ constant ’ ; he went round the corner for a bottle of whisky .
15 They parted at the corner of St Martin 's Lane and Gillian made her way home on her own .
16 She dressed hurriedly , made herself a snack , took the bike and wheeled it round the corner of the cottage into the front garden .
17 I directed him to the corner where I knew the compost heap was .
18 Out of the corner of my eye I watched him wipe himself with Kleenex tissues and drop them on the floor , indifferent to the smears of blood on them .
19 The corner braces form the Gothic arch shape as well as keeping the whole structure rigid
20 Turning the Corner .
21 And another one is just round the corner as this book is published .
22 From an extensive range at the Stiftungs brewery tap ( built in 1698 , reconstructed in 1816 , at the corner of Haager and Munchen streets ) , I greatly enjoyed the Weisse ( good clove character ) ; the Dunkelweizen ( dates ? anise ?
23 At least a third of the route takes the steep open wall to the left of the corner and the climb as a whole demands a wide range of climbing technique .
24 Above , a steep rib requires a ridiculously long reach before an easy traverse leads back into the corner .
25 The moves up to gain the famous Bower ledge are nothing less than brutal with the corner crack first expanding to chimney-like proportions then closing again to slim finger-crack holds .
26 Impressively placed and considerably exposed , it hangs on the vertical right wall of the corner with a straight drop to North-West Gully , an uninterrupted 150ft ( 45m ) below .
27 I remember my father giving me specific advice on just how he climbed the crux section of the corner crack above ; ‘ When you get to the steep bit — you 'll know it when you get there — just face right and use the square cut holds on the edge .
28 Climb the steep rib , a long reach being a distinct advantage , until a traverse leads right back into the corner crack .
29 Keep in the corner crack , passing a ledge , all the way to the top .
30 Graham stormed up the corner he had cleaned .
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