Example sentences of "n't said " in BNC.

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1 I do wish he had n't said that last bit .
2 He commends him for the wit and wisdom of things he has n't said .
3 Annie 's going to be in bed soon , and I ai n't said goodnight to her .
4 ‘ I have n't said anything , ’ said Jane .
5 Then he wished he had n't said that .
6 He had n't said anything about going home for tea .
7 But the woman had n't said it was urgent , that his Mum should go to the hospital right away or anything .
8 Mrs Hollidaye had n't said anything about cooking it .
9 ‘ I have n't said anything against them , ’ Gaily knew himself to be a tolerant man , ‘ the young … ’
10 ‘ Never mind that , ’ I said , disappointed that she had n't said ‘ Rumpelstiltskin ’ .
11 She looked so stricken at this that he wished he had n't said it .
12 They threw us out at four o'clock and in all that time I had n't said a word , just listened .
13 ‘ Jimmy , who had n't said a word , suddenly said , ‘ You know , Leslie , you 've been a bit of a bastard , have n't you …
14 So there I am popping my tray next to his in the unit , when he says , right out of the blue , completely unprovoked , I have n't said anything —
15 Pity he had n't said that to begin with .
16 You have n't said anything to anyone ? ’
17 I have n't said a thing . ’
18 He has n't said anything . ’
19 ‘ I have n't said nearly half-enough , ’ she retorted recklessly .
20 Penelope Fitzgerald 's prose is as clear as glass , and you realise how much she has n't said only when you stop laughing .
21 But Susan had n't said a word about leaving St Petrock 's .
22 Her contact had n't said whether Haminh lived alone or not , and without definite information Fox was not about to risk waiting for her inside her room .
23 He wished he had n't said that .
24 What can you say about the game that was n't said in the last caption ?
25 As I saw it , they were either downmarket Wimpy bars or precious bistros where all you could hear were the sounds of the cutlery hitting the plate , and people would cough before speaking because they had n't said anything for such a long time , what with all the hush .
26 The hit single ‘ Losing My Religion ’ is likely to be read as self-reflection on REM 's position in the worldwide musical scheme of things , doubt and discomfort at the prospect of unwanted disciples : ‘ Oh no , I 've said too much/I have n't said enough ’ is the paradox that runs throughout .
27 And I 'm not going to pretend I have n't said this .
28 ‘ The Coventry manager has n't said anything to me and I 'm a bit surprised about that . ’
29 At first he kept saying that housekeeping was a piece of cake and that women made a big fuss about nothing but since the washing machine broke down he has n't said that .
30 ‘ But the manager has n't said anything — I suppose because of the potential dangers . ’
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