Example sentences of "n't go " in BNC.

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1 In his note he asked for medical help — some vitamins , eye-drops , ‘ as I ca n't go out ’ — and for some money .
2 Literary , second-sighted , sick , she holds out a hand to him : he clasps it , but then decides he ca n't go on .
3 I think if you do n't go to train and still find your way into the profession some of the essential things you need to know about and be able to do will take that much longer to achieve .
4 Do n't go along in a dirty T shirt and floppy gym shoes or try to over-impress or be antagonistic .
5 Or ‘ you do n't go through an experience ; an experience goes through you ’ ?
6 I did n't go straight ahead with it .
7 Pretends he ca n't go anywhere alone and this is a chance for Tony to get some time to himself .
8 That 's why I ca n't go on with it .
9 ‘ I feel disadvantaged as a cook because I received no formal training and did n't go to college .
10 You ca n't go to your stuffy old church today .
11 ‘ I 've told you before — if you want to keep your place at the vicarage , you ca n't go around saying such unchristian things .
12 Her friends did n't go and get chicken-pox .
13 I went upstairs , but I did n't go to my room .
14 One of the things we had been told was to carry any valuables we had around with us so that they could n't go astray .
15 I did n't go after anything fancy , but somehow I seemed to keep muffing up the interviews .
16 After all , we have been reaping rewards from the vegetable garden for months : the soil ca n't go on and on providing if its own storehouse is not replenished .
17 Do n't go back inside your house to use the phone .
18 Barrie Irving , director of the Police Foundation , indicated this antipathy in his title to a paper given to the British Psychological Society , ‘ Research into Policy wo n't go ’ ( 1983 ) .
19 ‘ Do n't go round telling everyone .
20 Jay said : ‘ I do n't know what I 'm doing , it 's never been this way before , ca n't go on anything else , but this time I 'm not going to fuck up . ’
21 Fuck it , she thought at five , maybe I just wo n't go home .
22 The colour you are assigned arises from your position in the draw , but this may change from round to round , so do n't go to the same position as you went to previously .
23 However , if you find you ca n't go the full period at this heart-rate , then lower the work intensity to reduce the pulse rate until you can last out .
24 Two filled crystal goblets later ( perhaps she wo n't go after all ) , ‘ Hypocrites , both of you , ’ Harriet continues .
25 He did n't go to the bathroom to wash , he stayed in the room .
26 I ca n't go into the particulars but whatever could take place between boys and girls squeedged into one bed , did take place and in the midst of the others .
27 The dinosaurs can have Scafell until they die out , then if anyone can still be bothered to walk ( ! ) up there , I 'm sure a line or two of bolts would n't go amiss .
28 Dogs ca n't go in eating areas , and it 's preferred that they do n't climb all over furniture in sitting rooms , but there 's a good acre or 27 of space for romping and rambling .
29 ‘ Perhaps he did n't go out of his mind at all . ’
30 Nineteen years later , in an angry letter from Italy about some review I 'd written which began : ‘ Jesus Gawd Aiken , you poor blithering ass ’ he concluded by saying : ‘ I 've never forgotten that you would n't go to the Blast dinner . ’
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