Example sentences of "long period " in BNC.

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1 But it was Arsenal , where Chapman had spent his longest period as manager , who held the limelight in the last years of peace .
2 This was a total of five days of hearing and was the longest period spent on one case by a ‘ Diplock ’ tribunal .
3 ‘ It has happened to me before but this is the longest period .
4 The longest period for which her mother was left alone was for three hours and Mrs Cahuac worked close by so that should anything happen to her mother during this period she could get home quickly .
5 The foundations of the White Tower of Hoeth are laid down and the longest period of continual peace in Elf history begins .
6 Above all , he established a rapport between himself and the leading noblemen , his companions in arms , which formed the basis of the longest period of political stability the country had known since the early years of Edward I. These achievements , however , had their price .
7 The longest period I 've abstained was two-and-a-half months .
8 It was the second longest period of party power , uninterrupted by either an election or a change of leadership , of this century .
9 And , again , the monkeys , like ourselves , are still more lizards than anything else ; for , as Carl Sagan points out , by far the longest period of our air-breathing history was spent evolving through the Age of Reptiles .
10 Begin the list with the projects that have been waiting to be finished for the longest period of time .
11 The longest period of Venetian ascendancy lasted from 1204 to 1358 , during which time there was constant friction because of the restriction placed on Ragusa 's maritime trade by its great rival .
12 In any other case , bankruptcy proceedings must be begun in the county court for the insolvency district in which the debtor has resided or carried on business for the longest period during the six months immediately preceding the presentation of the bankruptcy petition ( r 6.9(2) ) .
13 The longest period for which an order book can be issued to an asylum seeker who makes a successful application for income support is 20 weeks .
14 Such a child might be subject to a rehabilitation period of ten years — the same period as for an adult sentenced to from six months ' to thirty months ' imprisonment , the longest period covered by the Act .
15 The longest period of peace was the twenty-six years between the end of the War of Spanish Succession in 1713 and the outbreak of that of the Austrian Succession in 1739 .
16 The percentage of time at pH<4 , the minutes at pH<4 , the number of episodes of reflux , those lasting longer than five minutes , and the duration of the longest period of reflux were calculated with Esophogram 9802 Version 5.10 ( Synectics Medical , Stockholm ) .
17 Overnight exposure of the oesophagus to acid , the number of reflux episodes longer than five minutes , and the duration of the longest period of reflux were significantly greater in patients with impaired peritalsis .
18 It was the kingdom of the Franks which was to exercise most influence for the longest period of time .
19 The Communist Party was able to maintain its progress throughout 1939 , having passed through the longest period of continuous growth in its history .
20 The panel also proposed retaining the controversial renewable seven-year presidential term , the longest period in office for a western elected ruler .
21 Previously the longest period without a lost day accident at the site , where paint manufacturer started in 1990 , had been 372 days , achieved in 1989 .
22 The broad branching heads of large , ragged yellow daisies appear over a long period during summer ; a large patch is a magnificent spectacle .
23 Other types of skin cancer are associated with continued exposure to the sun over a long period .
24 Inevitably , over such a long period , I became less institutionalized , more able to function as an individual in relation to belief and action and not merely accept the organization 's definition of things ; and this is a profoundly un-police like state of affairs !
25 Thus you will already be aerobically fit , that is able to sustain a relatively low work-load over a long period .
26 The revival of takeover speculation — there is little doubt that European and Japanese buyers lurk — has occurred at a time when the merchant bankers , after a long period in the doldrums , are enjoying a rerating on trading considerations .
27 ‘ This is one that Alan has had for a long period of time , ’ Mr Cross said .
28 Several transplants have been tried before , but this is the first time they have continued to function for a long period , according to the researchers at the University of Alberta , in Edmonton .
29 Ethnographic research has special qualities suited to dealing with controversial topics in sensitive locations , for it entails a gradual and progressive contact with respondents , which is sustained over a long period , allowing a rapport to be established slowly with respondents over time , and for researchers to participate in the full range of experiences involved in the topic .
30 Lawson himself , while neither tactful nor popular , was astonishingly successful for a long period .
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