Example sentences of "do go " in BNC.

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1 We I think you know we can do go into just four four people .
2 erm it 's very difficult to spot what 's going to go wrong in advance and some of the things you suspect are dodgy nobody has any trouble with , some of the things that you just did n't occur to you that would go wrong do go wrong , it 's like , mm mm , yeah mm
3 You know what she 's gon na do go to school and put them down !
4 How did the er Christmas do go ?
5 you know , but I 'm there on my own I can pot do my hair , do what I wan na do go up the stairs , have a bath , you know , just do what I , drop my clothes where I wan na drop them and everything .
6 cor this is a bit ugh ah let's all clap for Neil , er , er what 's he gon na do go off and have a boxing match ?
7 If I can do go
8 what do you wan na do go to places like you know the alternative , do you wan na be er inside journalist or an outside one ?
9 oh Barbados , but we have to seen if their teletext if they let us do , but I 've just talked to Jamaican people and they said their , their friend he got some contact wanting some order , then later on this lady says no it 's best thing to do go
10 what did you want to do go in a central caravan or what ?
11 My slide shows did go down reasonably well , if only because while the lights were out , they had the chance to change places under cover of darkness in the hope of confusing you know who .
12 I did go down to my local Citizens ' Advice Bureau to see if they had any ideas , but all they could do was pass on the news that there was a squeeze on the social fund ( the emergency payments fund ) , so I was well advised not to expect too much if I did decide to try the social security people .
13 I did go to the beer festivals in Camden , Battersea , Greenwich , Stratford ( and the Cider and Perry Exhibition ) and many others .
14 Oh , he said , but he did go off and fetch him .
15 When the couple did go to their bedroom the girls became even more wide awake than before .
16 If something did go wrong , if tempers flared and violence broke out , they could be hard put to control it . ’
17 So David did go to work there , though not without protest .
18 Mind you , Ralph did go the whole hog with it : he got Gaby Sturmer as PR doing photographs and write-ups and turned out some lovely leaflets .
19 ‘ We did go out together a few times , yes , Chief Inspector .
20 Though Locke did go in for some experimental work , his main contribution to the ethos of the Society was to do what Bacon had quite failed to do .
21 On the other hand , the question of aid to Malta had been decided beforehand , and did go through the National Assembly .
22 Those who did go before 1560 were writing about a country which the English wanted to conquer .
23 ‘ I did go back recently on a concert tour .
24 Of those who did go to the 30,000 polling booths , set up in mosques and schools , few expressed enthusiasm about the current leaders .
25 ‘ If the injunction did go through it would have serious consequences for the National Trust nationally .
26 Whatever the ethics of the disclosure , Leonard Arthur did go on trial in August , 1981 , at Leicester Crown Court .
27 If however , you did go ahead with revamping the Schenker Method or developing something along similar lines , I would be interested in seeing sample materials .
28 Despite all this , 'Mill did go in at half-time one goal to the good after some great work on the left by youngster Matthew Hadden .
29 Although some skulduggery did go on , by and large no-one pinched material from someone else 's fire — it was an unwritten law which was drummed into us at school ‘ to keep your hands from picking and stealing ’ and this was obeyed by most youngsters .
30 The play was necessarily a matinee , and as we went down past the Albert Hall a siren did go .
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