Example sentences of "[vb -s] just been to " in BNC.

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1 Q My 3-year-old mongrel has just been to the vet to have his teeth cleaned , as a checkup revealed that he had dental problems .
2 I understand that my right hon. Friend has just been to Oman , so perhaps he can give the House some information .
3 He 's just been to France to talk about Brando .
4 He 's drug-free , he 's just been to hospital , y'know , he 's got the kids , if he goes away , the kids 'll end up in a home , which was the biggest factor really .
5 Most of you wo n't remember the time , and I certainly do n't , some of you will , you 'll be familiar with the er , healing accounts , seeing pictures on , er either in magazines or on the television news , in in old news reels , of that time when Neville Chamberlain stepped out of an aeroplane , and he 's just been to Germany and , and had a meeting with Hitler .
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