Example sentences of "[was/were] [prep] [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 It was too late to be worrying over any implications inherent in spending Christmas with the Danbys and now the day had dawned Meredith was rather pleased she was going to be with company , especially after her sighting of the whatever-it-was during the night .
2 A number of countries which were suspected ( principally by the USA and other Western countries ) of developing chemical weapons-including Libya , Iraq and Syria-were among a total of 22 countries taking part for the first time in the committee 's deliberations since the opening of the spring session , albeit as observers .
3 It was that young man , declaiming and arguing , whom Charles Lamb was famously to invoke : ‘ Come back into memory , like as thou wert in the day-spring of thy fancies , ’ he wrote in 1820 , ‘ with hope like a fiery column before thee — the dark pillar not yet turned — Samuel Taylor Coleridge — Logician , Metaphysician , Bard ! ’
4 It was n't like a prison cell , it-was like a maid 's room , Eve told herself firmly .
5 Millett J had to deal with the argument that it would be a breach of the covenant if the defendant were during the remainder of the period of restraint , to solicit any business of any kind from any company which happened to have been a customer of the plaintiff company during the relevant period .
6 Lower Ormeau Community Festival Committee organised a week long series of events , most of which were during the day .
7 Indeed , Kinnock and Thatcher were more visible in our pre-campaign week , when both were on highly publicized foreign tours , than they were during the campaign itself .
8 Prompted by a return to international competition , drug tests on two players from each Currie Cup side were introduced this season , just as they were during the World Cup .
9 ‘ There were some meetings that were during the week and I enjoyed going away , ’ he remembered .
10 Is not it about time that the Government stopped this practice of recruiting and exploiting young people who are deemed not old enough to cast a vote but in some cases are being forced to continue in the Army and can be put into armed combat , as they were during the Gulf war ?
11 There are now approximately 2 million more weavers operating in Persia than there were during the time of the late Shah , and , even if this trend is reversed , existing stocks are large enough to keep the Western markets more than adequately supplied for a decade or so .
12 If you were aboard a vessel that was either going to go up or drag you down when it sank , what would your natural reaction be ? ’
13 Currently , no Scouts at all were aboard the fortress-monastery .
14 They were off the cinder track now , walking down a hilly street where small , dark houses opened straight on to the pavement .
15 They were off the subject of Jenner — at least , in any direct sense — but he wanted to go on watching and listening to her talk .
16 A 7% jump in half-time profits to £23.1m , came alongside news from boss Peter Barr that acquisitions were off the menu .
17 His successor , Joe Franklin , recalling his first visit to the Department , was told of 14 Coronations which were off the road with faults .
18 They were off the road , parked on a wide area of land that overlooked the next valley .
19 Cos we were off the road a wee bit you see .
20 It was hard to stop the elation from showing , but Fran tried her best , knowing there would be time enough once they were off the air .
21 In wartime food had got to be produced , and all the young men were off the land , somebody 'd got to grow the food to feed this country and it was getting a bit desperate , because , old Hitler , he was no fool .
22 He dismissed some of the popular images of the Specials which he said were off the mark .
23 By the time we were off the Capes , there was water flying in all directions and glad cries as the Bénéteaus surfed down the glassy fronts of the swells .
24 Two years later , by the time the second edition was published , most of these had been rescued and were off the danger list .
25 Her hands were off the wheel too and the Glory was driving itself .
26 He felt as if Simon were lifting him by the collar and dangling him so that his feet were off the earth and his toes straining to reach something .
27 She said : ‘ He wanted me over his lap , so my feet were off the ground .
28 A lay person asked whether both his feet were off the ground simultaneously when he walked would probably be wrong as often as right .
29 With only 32 horse power available I had expected a considerably longer ground , but we were off the ground in about 150 metres , although from then on acceleration and climb were adequate rather than startling .
30 Between four thousand and five thousand people took part and the demands of the rally were for a crash housing programme , a fair points system for the allocation of houses and legal control over the letting of furnished accommodation .
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