Example sentences of "[is] that i do " in BNC.

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1 It 's that I do n't want it .
2 My biggest comment on football is that I do n't like Sunderland … or Gazza ( Gascoigne ) .
3 The other thing that is important is that I do n't think you can get anything on the cheap .
4 ‘ And as for the idea that I am being some how manipulated all I can say is that I do n't know about the other girls but I have been in a similar industry — television , for the last couple of years and now I know how it works .
5 Marcus , now solemn , replied , ‘ One answer is that I do n't know what happened .
6 All I hope is that I do n't end up in an office again . ’
7 ‘ The only reason I do n't punch you , ’ I said , ‘ is that I do n't want to come down to your level . ’
8 ‘ Well , the funny thing is that I do n't know really what it 's like because I 'm not in that little room any more .
9 All that apart , the fact is that I do want children .
10 ‘ Nick , ’ he continued with a tone of wry honesty in his voice , ‘ there are some mighty clever people who say I could be President of the United States three years from now , but what no one seems to realise is that I do n't care about that .
11 The Air Force will write to his mother if there 's anything to tell , and the awful part of it is that I do n't know where she lives .
12 The difference between us is that I do n't like this boxing business — and he still loves it , even now .
13 My reservation is that I do n't think the game could sustain it .
14 Where I differ from Bourdieu is that I do not think that this important distinction leads inevitably to absolute aesthetic relativism .
15 But the point is that I do n't see myself as a playwright in the same way I would see myself as a prose writer .
16 ‘ If I have learned anything , ’ she says , ‘ it is that I do n't believe in justice any more . ’
17 All I 'd say is that I do n't quite agree with Stuart 's description of that summer with Oliver .
18 If your intuition is that I do , you must reject the defeasibility criterion as formulated at present .
19 If it is that I do not , on the grounds that had I heard about the invitation my justification would have been defeated , you have a duty to give some account of why the ( unknown to me ) truth that my wife has refused the invitation does not somehow redress the balance .
20 My main reason for not introducing elliptic integrals here ( you can though attempt Examples 3.9–3.11 if you wish to have some experience in handling them ) is that I do not want to burden your memory with new formulae , and besides , for cases of most practical interest ( the field far away from the ring and in the vicinity of the axis ) eqn ( 3.56 ) may be integrated out , as will be presently seen .
21 The most amusing part of all this is that I do n't have a lover . ’
22 is that I do n't want him so
23 If I 've got this right , then what you 're saying is that I do n't need to feel any jealousy about the multiplicity of your sexual partners , because you 're married .
24 My answer to that is that I do n't feel that my job is to do PR .
25 The other is that I do n't wish any harm to come to Miss Coleman and she may be safer where she is until they say she 's free to go . ’
26 But part of that problem is that I do n't think the course tutors do perhaps as much as they might , I mean they do nowhere near as much as Shirley does
27 ‘ The answer to your question is that I do n't know .
28 But the point you seem to have missed is that I do n't know the lines . ’
29 ‘ All I 'm saying , ’ it was Tom 's voice , ‘ is that I do n't think you should pester Belinda to give you her opinion on your work .
30 It takes me about a quarter of an hour to walk briskly to work — the maddening thing is that I do not bring so that walking is reduced rather as my feet get tired in the heat , and we have had some really hot and humid days .
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