Example sentences of "[is] i do n't " in BNC.

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1 The main thing is I do n't want to go back into the private sector unless I absolutely have to .
2 Whether or not the ultimate diagnosis is correct in every one or not , the answer is I do n't know because many children did n't go through the process that was needed .
3 The problem is I do n't know where he has been placing these shot .
4 The fact is I do n't have many dealings with people of Mr Hatton 's … ’
5 ‘ The point is I do n't particularly want to spend a whole evening in John 's company at the moment . ’
6 ‘ But whatever it is I do n't think that I need it now . ’
7 ‘ They say that pain is good for writing and I 'm not sure about that , but I guess my trouble is I do n't know how to keep a distance .
8 the trouble is I do n't do it systematically ( evaluation of first statement ) ;
9 The trouble is I do n't know where they went afterwards .
10 thing is I do n't think I can but er I mean I might be able to pop in for about half an hour .
11 There we go , so who , who is , this person is I do n't know , that 's their name I have now , that 's a .
12 slightly differently and what I 'm trying to say is I do n't want the leeway to weaken the strength of the reporting do you know what I mean ?
13 ( The truth is I do n't want to forgive her , because it will free her from the grappling irons I have on her .
14 The trouble is I do n't want to be healed . ’
15 Can I ask , i i this is I do n't know why I keep asking to work , erm can I write to Mrs to I think we we ought to as it
16 ‘ My problem , ’ said Finlayson , drinking , ‘ is I do n't know any new dirty jokes . ’
17 Well , oh yes , I 'm sure I 'm not saying that 's the only thing that controls people 's food intake I mean clearly there are things cultural some cultures , the Japanese seem to love eating raw fish , I mean how they can bring themselves to do it I do now know , I mean the raw is I do n't think I 'd want to eat again , but er erm not always if they were cooked either , but erm the , the er and certainly if you look at the Australian Aborigines even though we take the Australian Aborigines as our kind of primeval people , they have astonishing food taboos , I mean their attitudes to food are very very culturally er effective to , to a quite extraordinary extent , some so that somebody somebody discovered that eating a tabooed food by accident , they 'll get very ill , a kind of psychosomatic illness .
18 What I would wish to make absolutely clear is I do n't believe that in the context of a liberal democracy that is even remotely a possibil it 's a possibility but it 's not an acceptable solution .
19 The problem with two men living here is I do n't know who will come home first .
20 Ca n't say I agree with all their figures … good as he is I do n't think kelly is worth that sort of money at such an early age … certainly should n't be more than dorigo .
21 Now the thing that worries me is that the N R A and our linkage with them is I do n't think it 's early days for them and they have n't got the the power and the erm law behind them to enforce it as the way which I think most of us would like to think of have a erm erm an organization tha that can in fact start bringing the law in that if people fail to do what they say erm so that aspect I think I now Chris also mentioned this erm tilting in West Sussex and again that mentioned in the structure plan , because I six mill a year but in ten years that 's two and a half inches .
22 Yes , you get that , you 're always getting an , an impression , that I do n't need that quality of service , but what they 're really trying to say is I do n't want to pay that price .
23 is I do n't see that the the excess er access problem has a problem holding up with the highways authority , as far as this enquiry 's concerned .
24 But as it is I do n't find him remotely attractive ! ’
25 ‘ I 'm not sure if it is one , but if it is I do n't think you 'd laugh . ’
26 I do n't know no any more what church is I do n't know any more and I 'm supposed to come this morning and help to discover what unity is !
27 Do you or you can say to her is I do n't know where it 's gone or it does n't work .
28 I ai n't bothered what it is I do n't think .
29 You do n't about this cappuccino is I do n't understand is that here Maxwell cappuccino is
30 oh trouble is I do n't know any way round the problem of his , his lot at his school
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