Example sentences of "[is] for some [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 The demand is for some kind of necessity , some sense in which an increase in the money supply must result in inflation .
2 A useful piece of advice to avoid this is to tell users that they should be trying to decide how attractive the industry is for some SBU that is strong in that industry .
3 If one is still searching for ways to explain this absence , believing with most ethologists , socio-biologists , and even some social anthropologists that aggression is part of human nature , then the obvious place to look is for some form of ritual as catharsis , or try to identify some other culturally constructed behaviour pattern which allows the individual Chewong to shed negatively valued arousal states , like anger , which according to such theories would build up and erupt in uncontrolled violent behaviour .
4 What humbug it is for some Opposition Members to say that one should buy British and then travel around in foreign cars .
5 The concordance between Is for some attribute ( e.g. IQ ) may be higher than that between Ns so that we can infer a genetic effect .
6 This may involve a narrowing of consciousness , a division of awareness into a more- and a less-focal area , a widening of consciousness until it has no especial object , or a flickering of consciousness when steady attending is for some reason precluded .
7 Occasionally a married man , particularly if his sexual capacity is for some reason declining , may find pornography more attractive than the " real thing " .
8 The basic principle of law is that assignment of a contract is not possible where the identity of the assignor is an important factor for the other party to the contract either as a reason for his entering into the contract in the first place , or because it is for some reason significant for the proper discharge of the contract .
9 6.5 Within [ 15 ] working days after service of such notice ( excluding the day of service ) the Lease shall be completed and time shall be of the essence of this provision Advisable though this clause may be , the problem is that the agreement is liable to be brought to an end at the expiration of the notice , which could have dire consequences for a tenant who has expended a considerable sum of money on the tenant 's works but is for some reason unable to complete .
10 For a statute or a past decision poses problems of consistency in strategy only when it has assigned people legal rights that a judge forming a new rule is for some reason powerless to change , rights that would work badly with the new rights he wants to create .
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