Example sentences of "[is] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 There s now hope that after three years in jail , Poole and Mills will once again get a chance to defend themselves , in court .
2 It is widely assumed that Elders will not bother to hold on to any Scottish shares and its 23.7 per cent stake will be acquired and used as the springboard for a bid .
3 Because the economy is in recession , it is widely assumed that the government will and should cut interest rates .
4 It is widely assumed that the general , who has been doing his best to fan the speculation , will try to become prime minister after he leaves the army .
5 These days , it is widely assumed that monitoring of firms by close , caring banks is a better way to run things than the arms-length institutional ownership of America and Britain .
6 It is widely assumed that ‘ real ’ country people are in favour of development as a source of new jobs and housing while the rich commuter is only concerned to protect his equity and a style of living which has never been available to the locals .
7 It is widely assumed that the more efficiently a stock market functions the better off everyone is .
8 This attitude to non-verbal communication has been encouraged by the popularisation of right-brain left-brain studies and amongst those who sponsor the soft primitivism that I have just referred to it is widely assumed that the verbal capabilities of the left cerebral hemisphere have been over-developed by a culture which puts too much emphasis on linguistic finesse and that the expressive repertoire of the supposedly holistic right hemisphere has been dangerously neglected as a consequence .
9 It is widely assumed that restoration of intestinal continuity inevitably results in a better quality of life for the patient , but that is not necessarily the case .
10 It is widely assumed that different ICUs can be compared by the ratio of actual mortality to that predicted by the APACHE score .
11 It is widely assumed that these scoring systems can be used for comparisons .
12 It is widely assumed that the Bundesbank council will effect a 50 basic points cut in official rates at either the meeting this Thursday or on 1 April .
13 In particular , with the imposition of liberal democratic institutions after 1947 it is widely felt that ‘ the Japanese have elected to forego the assertion of the right to the expression of untrammelled personal freedom in the .
14 It is widely felt that the death last year of Graham Greene left a gap at the top of the Eng Lit ladder .
15 It is widely acknowledged that the school examination system has exerted a powerful controlling effect on school curricula , even if , in more recent times , CSE ( Mode 3 ) has allowed schools to play a significant role on the assessment of their own pupils .
16 It is widely acknowledged that about one in ten of us has a marked tendency to homosexuality and perhaps half this group have homosexual experience as adults ( homosexual feeling and experiment are even more common in adolescence ) .
17 All posts are subject to the local government superannuation scheme and it is widely acknowledged that this is one of the most attractive schemes offered anywhere .
18 Former Irish international Dr Geraldine Barniville from Dublin has been nominated as the new president but it is understood that Ulster 's Billy Bell and Paddy McAuley the outgoing treasurer and secretary will not be standing for election. , It is widely acknowledged that Paddy McIlroy , past president of Ulster , and the outgoing Irish vice-president , made a major contribution in drafting the new constitution and by-laws .
19 Thomson is state-owned and though there has been no overt policy statement from the French Government , it is widely accepted that its attitude towards the merger will be at least coloured by the MoD 's decision .
20 It is widely accepted that the spiral pattern formed by the stars of a galaxy like our own is produced by a density wave moving through the stars .
21 Self-promotion of that sort may be a matter for amused comment , but it is widely accepted that one may choose one 's Place in the pecking order , or try to , and that in Britain parentage does not irreversibly define class .
22 It is widely accepted that this system ‘ has nothing to teach us ’ .
23 It is widely accepted that the rate increases as firms get smaller as liquidity burdens are passed along in a ripple effect from the very largest firms through lengthening credit notes .
24 But for those in Japan who do achieve a more secure status it is widely accepted that such benefits are unlikely to be renewed if the individual moves to another company .
25 It is widely accepted that the next ten years presents the Health Service with a manpower problem .
26 It is widely accepted that one of the main factors contributing to the relative decline and adverse trading position of the British economy is a shortfall of investment in private industry , and socialists can not afford to be indifferent to this since the employment prospects and livelihood of millions of workers are at stake .
27 It is widely accepted that for a bloom to develop the critical depth must be shallower than the mixed depth .
28 It is widely accepted that attempts to apply the concession theory in modern conditions are inapposite : there is no longer any ‘ privilege ’ involved in obtaining corporate status and the source of companies ' ’ economic energy ’ undoubtedly lies in individual initiative and not in the state .
29 To quote one of them ( D. M. Anderson ) , ‘ It is widely accepted that some , perhaps many , of the abiotic chemical reactions and processes leading to the origin on Earth of replicating micro-organisms occurred very early in the history of Earth in close proximity to the surfaces of clay minerals and other inorganic substrates . ’
30 It is widely accepted that new members of the research community deserve careful initiation , socialisation and accreditation .
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