Example sentences of "[is] [adv] that all " in BNC.

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1 The purpose of having a timetable is so that all relevant information can be digested and acted upon , and so that bids do not carry on for an unreasonable length of time .
2 it 's just that all I heard all morning was there 's so many delays there with all the water , surface water erm so I thought well let's try and avoid that .
3 For it is here that all our strength lies , the last certainty that light may survive in darkness .
4 It is here that all his shortcomings in stance , timing , speed , imagination of movement and fight strategy are highlighted .
5 A much more likely explanation of Libet 's findings is simply that all experiences are delayed relative to the stimulus causing them , so that synchronous external events produce synchronous experiences .
6 It is then that all hell has broken loose and we have found ourselves standing alone in the jungle again .
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