Example sentences of "[to-vb] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Why do they have to go where it says : Danger ? ’
2 I 've used a balloon in Africa but you tend to go where it wants !
3 But technology and global competition will eventually put more people to work than it makes redundant
4 The first rule of surviving a disaster , I had written , was to accept that it had happened and make the best of what was left .
5 Man himself has to decide on the nature of ‘ goodness ’ , and to accept that it has to be found within the life on earth as it actually is .
6 In spite of all this secrecy , I happen to know that it takes the form of a humorous catalogue of my supposed states of mind , arranged from one to ten like the Beaufort Scale .
7 She did n't know very much about romance , to be sure , just enough to know that it seemed to be a force that did not like to be tamed and squeezed into the orderly compartments of people 's lives .
8 Kate felt inordinately pleased at his offer , even though she was astute enough to know that it came from a desire for any company , rather than hers specifically .
9 After that claim it is good to know that it has a — precision quartz movement ’ that rotates the hour , minute and second discs .
10 ‘ And now it 's a wonderful feeling to know that it has enabled me to look at the top guys knowing there are only a few ahead of me .
11 The Labour party does not like to know that it has been rumbled .
12 So erm I 'm you kn I do n't propose to do that again because I would n't er I would n't arrange a speaker if we had a full table show but it 's nice to know that it did work out because we were , I was forced into a corner a little bit erm and I think it was worth it because we as I say I 've waited a long time for Danny and he was well worth listening to , I can listen to Danny for hours because he he just speaks and , and tells you about his fish , I 'm , I 'm very very fond of listening to Danny cos I think he gives a good talk .
13 If one were subsequently to receive a report that when the event occurred , the sun had set , one would be able to infer that it had taken place at exactly 12.00 midnight .
14 Whilst what is meant by ‘ organised backlash ’ is never made clear , it is probably not unreasonable to infer that it implies that it occurred after 1968 and within a limited historical period .
15 The more distant in time an issue is to current industry concerns , the more difficult it is for managers to establish that it applies to their business in some significant way ( relevancy ) and that it should be addressed now ( urgency ) .
16 The emphasis was now to be increasingly on service , given to and paid for by the state , which assumed the right to appoint its commanders ( this was made easier by the fact that all accepted the state 's money for service in war ) and to demand that it got the best available in return for its money .
17 Arriving at the edge of the quay , Fitzroy Maclean attempted to inflate it , only to discover that it had a puncture .
18 If , as naïve young hunters , they attacked a brightly coloured prey , bit it and started to chew it , only to discover that it had a foul taste or a poisonous secretion , they would probably remember it for the rest of their lives .
19 It was a pleasure to discover that it had escaped the sort of wholesale restoration so commonly carried out in the earlier part of this century .
20 In a moment she would open her eyes to discover that it had all been an incredible , fantastical dream .
21 Though when the meal was ended and they went outside it was to discover that it had begun to drizzle .
22 Further suppose that he had tried Kant 's remedy of being kind to his dogs , only to discover that it served merely to fan the flames of his misanthropy .
23 When chemists vapourised potassium nitrate and trapped it an argon matrix , however , they were surprised to discover that it contained molecules with the chemical formula KNO 3 .
24 Then another smashed the window and grabbed a bag — only to discover that it contained just 1p .
25 It is a good idea to turn the main stopcock off and on once or twice each year to keep its mechanism free and not wait for an emergency to discover that it has jammed open .
26 Asked to explain why he had burst into the bedroom of his landlady 's attractive teenage daughter , Tom away the towel with which she was drying herself and started a close fingertip search of her backside , Berkas explained that he had left a valuable foreign stamp soaking in the bath and returned to find that it had disappeared .
27 We 've heard of a small baby who chewed through a gift and swallowed a battery , and of a granny who bought one of those talking baby dolls for her favourite grandaughter , only to find that it had a vocabulary of four-letter words .
28 He went into the college hall , and registered himself for matriculation among a rowdy assembly of students younger than himself ; and came out into the street to find that it had started to rain .
29 I feared to find that it had changed , as many had told me , beyond recognition .
30 We know this because sometimes we may use a word which we ourselves consider innocuous , only to find that it produces a strong emotional response in someone else .
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