Example sentences of "[vb mod] be [vb pp] to " in BNC.

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1 Order in this very short debate it might be advantageous if I would just draw to the attention of the house this scope of the debate the scope of the debate , debate should be confirmed to the desir desirability of the proposed boundary for European parliamentary constituencies and by introducing the changes to the franchise and qualifications of representatives for European parliament elections in the manner specified .
2 Supervisors should be trained to be observant and sensitive to the needs , morale and problems of employees subordinate to them , and must be aware of the proper channels through which specific problems may be detected and dealt with .
3 Emphasis must be placed on certain steps and their qualities which appear to be particular to one country and dances should be limited to those which can be recognised .
4 The original draft directive proposed that advertising should be limited to the sort of details a business card carries .
5 I think private cars should be limited to the infirm , really . ’
6 Thus , from a national view , only the University of Cambridge through its Board for Extra-Mural Studies was undertaking a significant volume of new Chapter III activity and it was a matter of concern both to the National WEA and the District that its encroachment into the established and defined sphere of provision should be limited to the two counties in which earlier and exceptional arrangements had been agreed .
7 There is no reason why the ability to use a washing-machine or a pressure cooker should be limited to one person per household !
8 Buying bare-rooted plants should be limited to the early part of the season to ensure that they have enough time to produce fresh roots and become established during the summer months .
9 However , to ensure that the highly regarded ethos of , and future development of , traditional climbing ( involving the use of leader-placed/second removed protection ) is not threatened , it is felt that the use of bolts should be limited to the production of SPORT climbs , ( there should be no retrospective bolting on established climbs for protection or belays , and there should be no minimalist bolting ) .
10 Strictly speaking , the term Fair Isle should be limited to patterns originating from Fair Isle .
11 Bronchoscopy is a time-consuming , hospital-bound procedure ; ideally the technique should be limited to high-risk patients .
12 The Democratic caucus in the House decided in 1971 that members should be limited to one sub-committee chairmanship thereby making it possible for many more congressmen to hold these coveted posts .
13 Kashi the Court of Appeal held that an injunction should be limited to the assets of the defendant within the jurisdiction of the court , and Dillon L.J .
14 For example , the first constitution of independent India in 1947 laid down that foreign ownership should be limited to less than half in oil , and in certain other restricted sectors .
15 Save in an exceptional case , our concern , i.e. , the concern of these courts , should be limited to giving the child the maximum possible protection until the courts of the other country — Australia in this case — can resume their normal role in relation to the child .
16 The bill introduced last year by the Flemish senator Herman Suykerbuyk , and based on the French ‘ loi Lang ’ , proposes that discounts should be limited to 5% during a two-year period following the publication of a book .
17 We therefore agree that the use of diagnostic dilatation and curettage in young women should be limited to those in whom important disease is suspected and that the procedure is necessary it should be accompanied by hysteroscopy .
18 Various writers of the classical school , such as Fayol , Graicunas and Urwick , argued that the managerial span of control should be limited to between three and six .
19 Fishing expeditions should be limited to the sort of angling , which for sportswriter Jimmy Cannon ‘ has always been an excuse to drink in the daytime ’ .
20 The opposite style is to assume that the communication should be limited to exactly what there is to be communicated and that all else risks blurring the communication .
21 There is , of course , no reason why the number of delays should be limited to the three illustrated it , Fig. 6.12 .
22 The Government suggests that in future , the grounds for refusing a full on licence should be limited to :
23 The warranty should be limited to the Vendor 's knowledge .
24 Hun Sen said that dismantling his government and disarming the SOC armed forces would be unacceptable , and that the UN role should be limited to overseeing elections , with UN troops being only lightly armed for self-defence .
25 As a corollary to the undifferentiated nuclear deterrent , the British became increasingly insistent from 1954 that Nato 's forces in Central Europe should be limited to a trip-wire role .
26 There was some support from respondents from all types of practice for applying the requirement to every firm , whilst others argued it should be limited to smaller firms and/or those in breach of the rules .
27 The profession needed to be educated on the subject of undertakings , and any rules which might be introduced should be limited to undertakings given in the course of conveyancing transactions .
28 Last year , 30,000 of the porpoises were taken , despite the International Whaling Commission 's insistence that the total catch should be limited to one-third of that number .
29 The taxpayer may seek to raise a robust argument based on fundamental Schedule E rules that the benefit should be limited to the amount which the taxpayer could obtain on a sale of the rights ( Tennant v Smith ( 1892 ) 3 TC 158 , Abbott v Philbin ( 1960 ) 39 TC 82 and Heaton v Bell ( 1969 ) 46 TC 11 ) .
30 Lord Denning said that it should be limited to the mail order business only because Harris ' contract was at all relevant times with the mail order part of Littlewoods ' business .
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