Example sentences of "[vb mod] be [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 What the ‘ correct ’ line should be between jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional error is not self-defining .
2 The water level should be between half-way and two-thirds of the way up the aquarium .
3 The chest circumference should be about equal to the height at the withers , plus 20cm .
4 Just as you know you must be in certain lecture halls for certain regular lectures , so you need to know where you should be for other forms of study .
5 May apply to more than one contract , but ’ call off ’ orders should be for specific projects .
6 I tend to think that it should really be left outside the development plan process and it should be for individual developers to prove exceptional needs .
7 All other systems of social support should be for voluntary organizations of citizens to devise and subscribe to .
8 He recognised that the metrication of these properties had to be constructed , that measuring devices , or units of measurement , had to be devised , and so it should be for social and psychological phenomena .
9 It should be for free .
10 However , when you tack it should be for tactical reasons .
11 ‘ You should be with young people your own age , get yourself back into the swing of society . ’
12 When experimenting with objects or materials for potential tank decor , the health and safety of the fish should be of paramount importance .
13 If so , then the child 's interests and rights should be defended , and meeting the child 's needs should be of paramount importance .
14 Play Therapy should be of great use to anyone involved in the care of children who might need counselling , and it would also be interesting reading for anyone working with children or interested in counselling them .
15 The publication as a whole has been designed with ease of reference in mind and its advice should be of great value and interest to anyone involved in professional training .
16 The presence of Tracy Austin , America 's pig-tailed youngster of the late seventies , should be of great interest to the modern day tennis lover following her recent comeback exploits .
17 David Wray ( 1983 ) describes another program type which should be of great interest to the reading teacher .
18 We have been liaising with those bodies who are surveying associated areas in this field , but the additional information we gather here should be of great use in future policy-making .
19 The lessons learnt should be of great value to the analysis of other countries in the process of transition .
20 Clarification of issues such as these should be of great significance to both business strategy and government policy .
21 Such features may have increased the cost slightly and perhaps put the encyclopedia beyond the reach of individual purchasers , but they should be of great help to reference librarians and readers .
22 But in advising that the switched cable links into homes should be of narrow band width coaxial cable rather than optical fibre , the information-technology panel was being short sighted , according to some observers .
23 The Abdication was an issue where British public opinion , not intransigent foreigners or intractable facts , was likely to be decisive , and one on which , therefore , his old gifts of timing , mood creation , and putting an adversary in the wrong , should be of pre-eminent value .
24 ( The composition of the Sun and the Earth being what they are it is natural that the effusions on the Sun should be of fiery matter whereas those on the Earth should be of water vapour . )
25 Facts selected should be of critical importance to understanding of a principle .
26 Mail-order companies selling hampers usually reserve the right to swap items if necessary , but they should be of similar type and value .
27 So we can put some limits on the project : the chairs must be upholstered ; modern in the simplicity of their lines but not ‘ Cubist ’ for want of a better term ; easy on the eye and bottom ; they should fit in with other existing furniture ; and naturally should be of strong construction so that they will be heirloom quality .
28 Instead of nutrient content per 100 g , the authorities have related their figures to average portion sizes , which should be of practical value to dietitians , health care workers and the food industry .
29 Data collection should be of immediate practical in the formulation and evaluation of assistance programmes in Zambia .
30 Young growing fish need a high quality diet , not only should the protein content be high ( around 40% ) but it should be of good quality and be readily digestible .
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