Example sentences of "[vb mod] be to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A number of respondents make the point that when the Cadbury proposals refer to NEDs bringing independent judgment to bear on board decisions , the reference should be to independent directors .
2 Dustbins ( either metal or plastic ) must be to British Standards — look for the ‘ kitemark ’ .
3 If I send one to grandma , one to you and Amy , and then I 'll write one to grandma Lincolnshire , but I 'll wo n't send it off , it 'll be to expensive wo n't it ?
4 The Georgian case was as close as could be to straight annexation , without the pretext of disorder ( although the Turkish army remained an important threat ) .
5 The paper will then focus on records in the scientific arena , as an example , to illustrate what impact there could be to historical research because of their electronic nature .
6 One solution could be to double notes at the octave , but this leads to poor results , as doubled notes become too powerful and upset the chordal equilibrium .
7 However con descending contemporary apologists may be to archaic conceptions of divine intervention , it is almost impossible to exaggerate the extent to which belief in such intervention once permeated European societies , creating popular images of the disruption of nature that could hardly have been congenial to a critical science of nature .
8 This rule can not effectively be pursued if strict mens rea principles are applied , however appropriate these may be to other areas of the criminal law .
9 This effect may be to due a different RNA secondary structure affecting the accessibility of the internal AUG codons .
10 Anathema as it may be to Welsh Rugby Union ears , this was something they realised at Twickenham at least five years ago and we have all seen the felicitous results .
11 Furthermore , thought and deed are not distinguished as sharply by primitives or children as they are by modern adults , and therefore the impact on primitives of the wish to kill and devour father(s) was as great , psychically , as the deed would be to modern people .
12 More than a third of sales would be to Labour voters , another third to Alliance or Tory ( 12 per cent ) , and the rest to people who could not say which party they supported .
13 that would be to English law questions which we 're certain of interest today
14 This official would be to public law rather what the Director of Public Prosecutions is to the criminal law .
15 But this would be to little avail if the ground were waterlogged or so acid as to prevent the normal action of soil life .
16 If a distribution to shareholders was classed as a form of spending by a company , such payments would be taxed as now , leaving the undistributed profits to accumulate free of tax ; what an encouragement it would be to foreign manufacturers to start business here , with all the advantages to us of new jobs created and a resulting trade improvement .
17 One way to determine this would be to old an ordinary ruler at arms length and note how many millimetres the width of an object appears to occupy .
18 Surprisingly more than half the girls — even though they were aware of their right to confidentiality — would be to embarrassed to talk to a doctor about sex or contraception .
19 They want to use condoms — nine out of 10 agreed it was sensible to carry condoms ‘ just in case ’ — but half those surveyed said they would be to embarrassed to buy them .
20 ‘ I felt I needed advice about the base unit because I was n't sure how easy it would be to mass produce from the prototype which had hemispheres studded into it .
21 Yet , writing half a century later , Sir John Fortescue recognised that Henry V had been right : ‘ though we have not alwey werre uppon the see , yet it shalbe nescessarie that the kynge [ Edward IV ] have alway some ffloute apon the see , ffor the repressynge off rovers , savynge off owre marchauntes , owre ffishers , and the dwellers uppon owre costes ; and that the kynge kepe alway some grete and myghty vessels , ffor the brekynge off an armye when any shall be made ayen hym apon the see ; ffor thanne it shall be to late to do make such vessailles ’ .
22 Where there is coverage of such systems as potential IT-based contributors to improved corporate strategy , the reference will be to systems that are not normally the province of librarians and information scientists ( such as financial market systems , credit-rating services ) ; or it will be to videotex-based systems which most librarians and information scientists would n't be seen dead using ! ( cf. Prestel ) .
23 Moody 's has already said it believes that an independent French central bank and more bank privatisations will make it harder to predict how helpful the French state will be to troubled banks .
24 But I remembered how cruel children can be to small animals , and I did not want the boy to take his revenge on me .
25 The references can be to other parts of the same book , to another textbook or to your own Shelfold notes ( see chapter 4 ) .
26 What is remarkable is how impervious a government can be to changing public opinion when insulated from the threat of political defeat by a substantial parliamentary majority .
27 A recent exchange between young Scottish and French women has demonstrated how adaptable SCOTVEC modules can be to European projects .
28 That in itself emphasised what value he can be to United — his sheer danger and menace forces the opposition to follow him , which inevitably creates space for others .
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