Example sentences of "[vb mod] [prep] [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 But you must up awful square with that .
2 The purchaser ( If a licensed business from the trustee of a bankrupt certificate-holder must with reasonable dispatch get the bankrupt 's certificate transferred to him .
3 Should into salty sea no less
4 A legal duty should in civil law be the counterpart of a legal right .
5 With a formal ought it seems possible to move from the anormativity of crude , fact-based positivism to a position short of the material ought of natural law .
6 Over and over again , in all cultures , psychoanalytic investigations insistently reveal what Freud termed the ‘ Oedipus complex ’ but what we might with equal justice call the ‘ Gelada complex ’ .
7 You might in good time like to write a pop-psychology book under that title ?
8 I suspected that the lesion might by pyogenic granuloma and referred her to the dermatology outpatient clinic .
9 And Sadler knew that he would strike a responsive note with his claim that the voluntary evening classes were ‘ wasteful of human material which might by timely care be made more serviceable to the State ’ .
10 Mrs Henry found out all she could about alternative cancer treatments and dabbled in some of them .
11 He was an exception among the British dancers in wanting to find our as much as he could about American ballet teachers .
12 The trustee could with good reason contest the beneficiary 's claim , and might stand a chance of success .
13 32 ( 1 ) Subject to subsection ( 3 ) below , where in the case of any action for which a period of limitation is prescribed by this Act , either — ( a ) the action is based upon the fraud of the defendant ; or ( b ) any fact relevant to the plaintiff 's right of action has been deliberately concealed from him by the defendant ; or ( c ) the action is for relief from the consequences of a mistake ; the period of limitation shall not begin to run until the plaintiff has discovered the fraud , concealment or mistake ( as the case may be ) or could with reasonable diligence have discovered it …
14 Kimura ( 1977b ) tabulates seven such cases reported in the literature and it is notable that in every case the lesion responsible could with reasonable confidence be localised to the left cerebral hemisphere .
15 By contrast , if the forged words were not in the documents , he could with pardonable exaggeration use the words ultimum quasi robur .
16 Naturally enough , this raised all sorts of questions as to how much of the estate could in good faith be consumed by him ; and ( the question here ) in what circumstances the estate could be said to have been diminished .
17 Reich 's use of ethnographic evidence is suspect , but in general terms it could be admitted that there could in Freudian theory be differences of the type which Reich pointed out , even if his evidence may not have been carefully formulated .
18 He has got tremendous vision and in midfield he can express himself that bit more than he could at right back .
19 The proposals we have put to the Government could at minimal cost easily enable us to double our contribution ’ .
20 And then comes the crucial claim : ‘ We are as tree born as men , have as free election , and as tree spirits ; we are compounded of like parts , and may with like liberty make benefit of our creations ’ ( sig .
21 In other situations a rumour or suspicion may with great care be reported if its existence ( irrespective of its truth ) has some significance , if its victim is allowed to reply and renounce the allegation and if the publisher is scrupulous not to indicate expressly or impliedly that the allegation is true .
22 He may with good reason be regarded as the first of that long line of professional civil servants who did more than any others to make and destroy the medieval Church : they were professional administrators , equipped to forward the interests of government not by main force but by negotiation amidst the intricate issues of law and theology ; men of international standing , retaining the respect of their opponents , and not too hatefully or too personally involved in the cause which they were required to maintain .
23 That since we have realised the position of women in the printing trade is seriously threatened , we women have been trying to organise ourselves with a view to securing justice for ourselves and for the women who may in future desire to practise the business of compositors or monotypists .
24 A statute passed to remedy what is perceived by Parliament to be a defect in the existing law may in actual operation turn out to have injurious consequences that Parliament did not anticipate at the time the statute was passed ; if it had , it would have made some provision in the Act in order to prevent them .
25 But nevertheless , you may have different ways of getting from A to B but those different routes may in actual fact give a different set of benefits or perform different functions or not necessarily meet all the needs as you 're setting out to meet .
26 The unrest in Anatolia in the latter half of the sixteenth century may in similar fashion have prompted the elevation of some of the kasabat kadiliks there to mevleviyet status .
27 I have my doubts about this one but you may in due course get a proposal from him .
28 Columbia and Venezuela have yet to achieve maturity though they may in due course .
29 As this excerpt itself implies , the dynamics of competition may in due course bring producer behaviour into line with the wishes of consumers , since there are clear opportunities for profit in being the first to satisfy unmet demand .
30 In some European countries with a two-party system , in which the parties have traditionally been closely associated with the major classes in capitalist society , changes in the class structure — such as were examined in Chapter 1 — have made possible the emergence or revival of ‘ centre ’ parties , and changes of this kind may in due course have an impact upon the electoral system itself .
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