Example sentences of "[vb mod] say [adj] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 And first of all , I must say good luck to the eleven local sides taking part in tomorrow 's curtain raiser at Twickers before we take on the argy-bargies and thrash them .
2 Some er some very good erm records I should say decent music .
3 ‘ Good morning , Robbie , ’ he drawled , ‘ or perhaps I should say good afternoon . ’
4 Maurice said stiffly , ‘ I 'll say good night then , Jack . ’
5 I 'll say good night and I apologise for disturbing you so late . ’
6 ‘ Well I imagine she 'll say good show .
7 It 'll say fucking hell with Terry again he walks too fast .
8 There 's the fact that if he gets it wrong he 's lost more money and therefore his , you might say insurable risk is a higher one .
9 You might say –Why bother , my arms are n't of equal length anyway– .
10 In this respect Bukharin displayed the same indecision — one might say double thinking — that was evident on the part of many Bolsheviks when faced with the necessity of NEP .
11 Okay if I could say good evening and welcome to the theatre this evening the reason the meeting has been convened this evening quite clearly is part of the process and art structure for Harlow having undertaken by the Council , the Playhouse is keen as it says quite clearly on the leaflet is to get the publics view on how best to plan this programme and it 's , and facilities for the future .
12 Because you could say international banking could go into the ser , tertiary sector .
13 We 'd be in the rattle before you could say wet Nelly ! ’
14 I 'd say visual centre plus .
15 I mean I would , I would I 'd stick a needle in their bottoms just like I would for a dog that had gone b , gone bad , I 'd say poor creature ca n't help it
16 Where I 'd say right meaning I understand kind of thing but I 'm not saying that 's right I mean right .
17 ‘ I 'd say good luck .
18 Dear L.B : When one has finally done the job and found the mot juste , I dare say violent language usually disappears .
19 ‘ We used to say good morning to each other and he always smiled at me , ’ he recalls .
20 He never troubled me again — in fact , he even used to say good morning to me on the way to school .
21 I have n't got that , and of course I could n't run your version of setver unless I had setver cos it would say incorrect DOS version .
22 I would say early schizophrenia — the paranoid type that older people seem to be more susceptible to .
23 Drunks , men coming from the clubs , occasionally a seaman coming home with a kitbag on his shoulder and you would say good night to him .
24 My old man would say good bye , yeah , send the mother away
25 I would say golden rule number one is keep receipts .
26 The question of er P P G thirteen and transportation I think is vitally important , York will come into the position that Chester er where I was just at a transportation enquiry recently , it 's a very similar sort of city , it 's not quite the same as Cambridge , where Cambridge is leaping ahead on quite , some would say draconian transportation measures , York in the forceable future will have to look at specialist transportation measures , that 's important in terms of the planning policy guidance that is out , it 's also in the white paper , it may be in draft P P G thirteen , it 's also in I think it 's P P G twenty two , renewable energy , that we should now be looking at developments which is closer to work , that links then to the question of sustainability and viability of a new settlement , I am not aware , and and I put it guardedly in those terms , of any significant employment existing or proposed in any of the new settlement proposals .
27 Well , you would say attractive poet , fertile imagination , lover of the sense , likes organ music , likes stained glass windows , is sympathetic to the idea of monasticism retiring into a hermitage , probably a Roman Catholic .
28 Try saying big glass as you would say big game and then as you would say big deal .
29 Try saying big glass as you would say big game and then as you would say big deal .
30 Good , Example three where you 've got a joint life policy , the male gives you the page name , the female will give you the , because it will say joint life , and it will have the female age in groups .
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