Example sentences of "[vb mod] say [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I must say to Conservative Members who are raising points of order of this kind that it is a dangerous game .
2 Erm but er when the war finished , when the war finished and the Home Guard stood down , I ca n't remember who was the mayor of Walsall at the time , but they had a reception in the town hall for the Home Guard and everyone that was in the Home Guard was invited before we hand before we st handed our uniforms in , was invited to attend and I must say with great pride that I was can still remember it now , that the wife and I went to the reception and I was in the uniform and it 'd be the mace bearer I presume that was at the door and he asked your name and er rank and he shouted out your name and rank when you went in and you was greeted by the mayor and mayoress inside the ves the hall of the town hall , and erm I mean er quite proud to be Corporal and Mrs you know and it I mean everyone that went , I mean their rank and name and who was with them , you know , was it was quite quite a er er quite a something of to look back to of interest that was , you know , when we stood down .
3 But I think the way that that would occur would be first of all I would expect to see an increase , a steeper increase than is already project I should say in concealed households .
4 The sign should n't say anything about the roads , instead it should say in huge luminous letters : ‘ Island People Are Different ’ .
5 Moreover , it is one of the founding presuppositions of sociology , one might say of social science more generally , that individuals are related to each other rather than isolated .
6 Whatever anyone might say about private companies , they do not have a social responsibility .
7 But who could say for certain ?
8 Who could say for sure ?
9 No one could say for sure if Robert of Gloucester would support Stephen , or if he would remain in Normandy to throw the considerable weight of his position , wealth and experience behind his half-sister .
10 More front than Margate they 'd say in nearby Deptford Market , and they would n't be far wrong .
11 ’ Business before debauchery , Lord , as they used to say on Old Earth . ’
12 And indeed as Lady Bracknell would say for ready money .
13 Well people who 've commented on this say that they 're now aware that they feel unable to say to women students things they would say to male students .
14 I would say to other pregnant teenagers that I think it 's great if they are happy about it .
15 ‘ That is what Umbarak would say to Zayed .
16 ‘ I will not have this dreadful art in the gallery , ’ he would say with genuine exasperation .
17 They were Miss was the teacher and the , the next three classes I would say with great pleasure , and then we came to one of the old ones which er they were more severe , probably she used the tawse a lot .
18 There s always time to make things nice , " she would say with precise pleasure in her voice .
19 I would say from personal experience that the most debilitating stress is the stress brought about by fellow staff , particularly if a person is living in the residential situation .
20 People who will say to other people I know Jesus I know that he loves us , I know that he forgives us , I know that he is risen from the dead , and that the good news is that we will also rise from our own deaths .
21 It is , as I may say from repeated experience , a pure and unmixed pleasure to have a goodly volume lying before you , and to know that you … need not open it unless you please …
22 In summary , one can say beyond reasonable doubt that if one were asked to choose which of Slade 's apprentices is most likely to have made the harpsichord on which Handel rests his elbow , the evidence weighs very heavily in favour of William Smith .
23 Yet despite this decision — always regarded as a classic illustration of the common-law presumption in favour of freedom of assembly — the law has developed to the point where we can say with reasonable assurance that the residue of which Dicey was so proud has narrowed to the point of extinction .
24 In this chapter so far we have focused on specificities in your argument — the presuppositions in your sentences , the specific things you can say about particular texts , the setting of something in its context , and so on .
25 A title shared may be a title halved in terms of world kudos but Bowe , we can say for certain after Friday night 's great effort here , is a thrillingly genuine heavyweight champion .
26 No-one can say for certain whether he was right ; what can be stated with certainty is that with Italy and Germany helping the Nationalists almost from the beginning , non-intervention threw the Spanish Republic into the embrace of the only great power willing to help her — the Soviet Union .
27 ‘ This past month we 've suffered eleven raids , and still no man can say for sure who the reivers are .
28 Nobody can say for sure when the earliest purpose-made sparkling wine was produced , but documentary evidence exists to prove that the monks of the abbey of St Hilaire in southern France had intentionally produced sparkling wines as early as 1531 , well over one hundred years before anyone attempted to do so in Champagne .
29 All we can say for sure is that it entered the microscope , perhaps on one side , perhaps on the other , perhaps in the middle .
30 I said , ‘ I 'm so afraid that the motor areas are taking over ; but at least reflex actions are true to oneself , which is more than I can say for blind hatred . ’
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