Example sentences of "[vb mod] say [prep] [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 But I must say through help of the national agreement and that takes us back to nineteen forty seven .
2 I started losing mine when I was nineteen , and er I must say in answer to that gentleman 's
3 Before doing so I should say by way of parenthesis that I have totally bypassed the colleagues who are currently members of the Government , several of whom suggested privately that they would resign if the Maastricht bill or anything like it is brought back on to the floor of the House of Commons .
4 Erm Roosevelt was er despite the er rather unusual route to the presidency , really rather a good president but he had a , he had a very particular view of the presidency which was one which he shared with Lincoln but he took up Lincoln 's arguments and , and developed it further and I quote from er Roosevelt 's autobiography , which is rather more revealing than most autobiographies , erm Roosevelt was n't modest I should say in case you , if you wonder when I read you something .
5 ‘ There is nothing which I can or should say in advance of the inquiry . ’
6 Yeah , so I will do quite a lot of erm , stuff erm I should say in geography , sort of work in geography for that things .
7 But the thing is , my mum 's an and , and Trevor 's Aunty Edna have started writing to each other and have become friends so we 'll see you again at Christmas she 'll say to aunty Edna !
8 There 's one thing I 'll say for history .
9 I mean it may well be we 'll say in year seven , look the things we 're looking for here and I want everybody to comment on is , A er , how well they 've settled down er how well they 're getting on with others but there 's no reason why you ca n't make those decisions .
10 Erm we might say for example er that all of these gifts , you 've heard of the word grace ?
11 Simon Fraser , the SLF director , said : ‘ In spite of what Government and others might say about quota not having a value , there are clearly farmers willing to pay very large sums for the rights to Sheep Annual Premium .
12 There were limits o what one could say about milk yields and the EEC .
13 If we could say with certainty that they are , then , it seems , we would already know the answer to the problem as to the possibility of a numerical diversity of ontological existents .
14 Forensic science had no answer to the question of what happened to the timer after it was supplied to the Libyans by the Swiss , any more than it could say with certainty what happened to the Semtex plastic explosive after that was supplied to the Libyans by the Czechs .
15 As the prophet Jesus could say with authority , ‘ Amen , amen I say unto you , ’ and claim to speak final truth about God , ‘ We speak of what we know , and bear witness of what we have seen ’ ( John 3:11 ) .
16 A clear pattern was emerging and in 1930 Daugherty could say of RKO 's Framed that it offered ‘ cafes and apartments after the presently accepted modern mode ’ and ‘ police autos whining down crowded boulevards , whoopee scenes , police stuff at headquarters , third degree etc. , raids and shooting in equal number and of an equal excellence to many already exhibited ’ .
17 ‘ I could say without doubt that this lady would have been alive today if she had not taken drugs at that party . ’
18 YOU COULD say without fear of litigation or a severe kicking behind the pub that Stereolab 's greatest strengths is their ability to rip off six other bands within five minutes and still end up with an identifiable sound which is rarely overshadowed by any of its mentors .
19 But there was nothing she could say in way of denial .
20 All I could say in reply was : ‘ What for ? ’
21 The normal association of prose with the lower elements — no one could say in prose ‘ I am fre and air ; my other elements/I give to baser life ’ ( Antony and Cleopatra , V.ii.289f. ) — is revealed most amusingly in the case of Bottom .
22 I 'd say on average I get about 10 letters every day . ’
23 So , as you 'd say in journalism , you 're a stringer . ’
24 Or if they are there , they 're existing voluntary organisations which may be already very loaded , who 've got a lot of work to do , to get into a negotiating framework and so on , so the first the thing I 'd say in answer to you is that , N C V O and other must put a tremendous pressure on government and local authorities to fund the community development aspect of the pluralistic society which er , the current government seems to want .
25 A common leave-taking , they used to say at school .
26 Somehow I managed to remember that it will shortly be your birthday , so Many Happies , as we used to say at school .
27 A London postman 's daughter whose grandmother lived next door remembers how the old lady ‘ used to pass one or two little bits and pieces over to us , but she used to say to mother , ‘ I ca n't do much for the grandchildren because we have no pension at the end . ’
28 erm Sam Sodding , and it used to , but I used to say to mother why did they call him Sam Sodding ?
29 Two hairs past a freckle we used to say in work er , school !
30 I think that the competition will continue to increase , I mean this is not an industry where one has a soft trick and a lie down as we used to say in shipbuilding , I mean it really is a grind and a slog , and I think it 's important for all of our employees to understand that er there never will come a point in time when we can say ‘ right we 've got that done , we can lie back ’ .
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