Example sentences of "[v-ing] is [adj] for " in BNC.

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1 Walking is good for everyone whatever their age or level of fitness , ’ said Frank Kelly , the Health Promotion Agency 's physical activity programme manager .
2 Walking is good for the soul , it 's .
3 They write , ‘ Deliberately prolonging a patient 's dying is unacceptable for any reason . ’
4 As with repayment loans , the interest you are paying is eligible for tax relief ( see under MIRAS on page 25 ) .
5 certainly do n't think where we going is suitable for a puddy tat , hours and hours on end and not being allowed to go outside and even when we 're there , I say , we ca n't be running up and down them bloody staircases letting cats out , I could n't , I could n't bear the thought of it never going out .
6 AS WE mentioned last month , applying the ‘ original ’ etch-resist directly to the copper foil prior to etching is fine for quicker one-off printed circuit boards ( p.c.b.s ) , but there is the drawback of actually have to destroy the etch-resist after etching , in order to reveal the copper tracks underneath .
7 The amount of slashing is optional for the time being .
8 The combination of beta-blockers and permanent pacing is effective for some symptomatic patients with idiopathic LQTS .
9 speeding is dangerous for teh fact that it 's a very confined area … even at fifty miles an hour … that 's a conbined impact speed of a hundred miles an hour … we 're also thinking of the workmen , who are sometimes working where there 's no central barrier
10 Nowadays we associate this system with some specific services , but with some adaptations franchising is possible for industries as well .
11 Smiling is good for you , too .
12 Dreaming is ideal for such sites ; if the dreams of Earth can be dreamt anywhere , it is at these sacred waters .
13 Firstly , it requires an extra visit to the hospital and , secondly , fasting is difficult for the patient on insulin .
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