Example sentences of "[v-ing] is [verb] for " in BNC.

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1 The whole of this test pressing is issued for the first time , but the new material consists only of music — there is no more of Elgar 's voice .
2 Generally speaking , rechunking is done for two main reasons : ( a ) the source text is divided into chunks ( whether sections , paragraphs , sentences , or clauses ) that are either too long or too short in terms of target-language average chunking of similar material ; or ( b ) the nature of the target audience is different in terms of level of specialization , age , etc .
3 Mr Poynor noted that a ‘ naturalistic/realistic ’ style of acting is required for this play and that it is interesting for actors to ‘ play against character . ’
4 They continually threaten , nudge and jostle each other ; what they are doing is competing for rank .
5 They 're competing for access to male pouches , what mammalian males are doing is competing for access to female uteruses because it 's only in a female uterus that an offspring can develop if you 're a mammal .
6 Cos what we 're doing is going for each N tuple we go through each set of states here .
7 All they 're doing is asking for something to eat , but it can be quite painful
8 Thus the price of giving is reduced for tax payers , especially higher-rate tax payers .
9 Most commonly sieving is used for size determination in the pebble and sand ranges , i.e. particles coarser than 0·063 mm .
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