Example sentences of "[v-ing] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 This view avoids the necessity of explaining how an increase in complexity can occur by denying that it happens , but only at the expense of supposing not only that there is a minute homunculus in the egg but that within that homonculus there is an egg containing a still more minute homonculus , and so on , in Chinese box fashion , ad infinitum — or , if not ad infinitum , at least back to Eve , who carried within her a sufficient number of successively smaller homunculi to account for all the future generations of mankind .
2 The government , denying that it held any political prisoners , ordered the women to end their protest , saying that opposition supporters were taking advantage of it to cause unrest .
3 Whatever criticisms may be made of the STV there is no denying that it has proved viable in its own fashion in twenty-two general elections in the Republic of Ireland .
4 Jan. 27 USC broadcasts statement on Radio Mogadishu announcing that it had taken over the government .
5 The arguments centred on scheduling , with Serbia and Montenegro insisting that referendums should take place in each republic at the same time and with the same questions , Croatia announcing that it had already scheduled its referendum for May 19 , Macedonia asking for a postponement of the deadline to mid-June , and Bosnia-Hercegovina suggesting that the referendum should take place in two stages .
6 When Gilgamesh later dreamt that Enlil , the father of the gods , had decreed his destiny , it was Enkidu who interpreted for him , explaining that it indicated his certain mortality as well as the gifts of unexampled supremacy over the people and victory in battle .
7 And he had to spend a good part of the campaign explaining that it meant caution and not complacency .
8 Merrill was drying her hair on Saturday afternoon when Diane from the next flat knocked at the door and held out a letter addressed to Merrill , explaining that it had been included with her junk mail which she had ignored until a moment ago .
9 ‘ It was purely a contingency arrangement , ’ says a spokesman , explaining that it needed to have a ‘ suite ’ of offices speedily available for the new Secretary of State for Women — probably Jo Richardson — and her staff to move into .
10 Unix System Labs is apparently looking at the Tiny 386BSD boot disk ( the one that 's been circulating in the academia , which derives from Bill Jolitz 's work and is not from Berkeley System Design Inc ) checking that it does n't infringe their property rights .
11 But if you are working from a consultancy or from an office situated at some distance from the manufacturing units you will need to organise a system for sending a product out and checking that it has gone .
12 Whistling softly to himself , Richmann drew his Steyr automatic from its holster beneath his leather jacket , checking that it held a full magazine .
13 One has the odd title of the Boulevard du B.A.B. , revealing that it has taken over the line of the old tramway , the Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz ; the other , further back from the coast , is the N10 , once the crowded highway along which French motorists hurtled into northern Spain but now a gentler place to drive , the motorway having supplanted it .
14 The problem there I would suggest is the timescale between the things happening and it getting to the regulator and being digested .
15 I would suggest is the timescale between these things happening and it getting to the regulator and being digested .
16 Marie scrambled out of the sand-hills and ran along the bank , crashing her way through the tall , razor-edged grass , not minding if it cut her hands .
17 I 've learnt a lot , my job depends on me driving and it 's made me realise how much I can drink , how much I ca n't drink , what I can drink and realising about road accidents .
18 ‘ Spends hours , usually late at night , gasping and wheezing until it seems he 'll collapse …
19 It was emptying but it 's started filling up again .
20 The debate was revealing because it exposed the core of racism and bigotry beneath the liberal rhetoric of Canada 's much vaunted multiculturalism .
21 The paper quotes Intel 's Dave House saying that the part will initially appear in the promised 66MHz version and a cheaper 60MHz version — Siemens AG is said to have been unable to drive the chip faster than 40MHz with cooling before it burned up .
22 We must stop this from happening before it does .
23 This last point is worth amplifying as it does affect the poetry .
24 They walked towards the unsteady steps , and a figure took shape out of the darkness , weaving as it came and blinking dazedly as the lantern was lifted to illuminate its face .
25 First oval and single , then weaving as it spun , like a water-lily on a stem , then suddenly seen as articulate in separate petals , a limp magnolia flower .
26 Liverpool inevitably became the centre for disputes about rate-capping for excessive expenditure , and then for surcharging when it tried to defy the government over expenditure cuts .
27 This remark , occurring as it does in a passage in which he is distinguishing between the grounds of the class metal ( ‘ the possession of certain common peculiarities ’ ) and those of the class sensation of white ( ‘ nothing but resemblance ’ ) clearly implies that if I had had no other sensations of white I could not assert the proposition ‘ This is a sensation of white ’ with the meaning it has when I have had such sensations .
28 Bacon 's case , occurring as it did after eighteen years of Stuart rule , can not be taken as evidence for judicial corruption under the Tudors .
29 Seagram 's victory in the 1991 Grand National was an extraordinary coincidence occurring as it did in the final year of the company 's sponsorship of the race .
30 ‘ Who was driving when it went past the pub ? ’
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