Example sentences of "[v-ing] [conj] [pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Affixes used to mark tense or number ( e.g. he is paint ing or he paint s ) are known as inflectional affixes and those used to derive related words ( e.g. paint er or re paint ) are known as derivational affixes .
2 And those people that take or get extra , either their body is not producing or they want an extra bit for something so they can run a hundred yards at er in an extra five minutes .
3 I 'm just praying that we win it .
4 The Bishop finished by praying that what had been discussed would become an apostolic thrust of the diocese .
5 ‘ When Jones sat on the bench on Saturday in the Test we were praying that he did not have to come on .
6 ‘ When Jones sat on the bench on Saturday in the Test we were praying that he did not have to come on .
7 ‘ The locals are praying that he wants to stay in Santa Barbara forever .
8 Her heart sank at the sight of fresh blood on the bandage , but she set about unwinding the strip of linen , praying that she had not opened up fitzAlan 's wound too badly in her frantic efforts to escape .
9 ‘ Never mind , ’ called McAllister , ‘ needs must … ’ and wobbled down Vetch Street , praying that she arrived at her destination in one piece , the balance of the wretched thing being all wrong , especially with the overloaded basket at the front .
10 unalterable conviction in favour of the adoption for our Palace of Administration of the revived national style — a style so characteristic of our own age it is beginning to be called Victorian — we protest against being obliged to tolerate an effete Palladian or mongrel Renaissance architecture to please those who wish to claim the merit of a breadth of view and of artistic sympathy by denying that they have any prejudices on the subject , one way or the other .
11 Azerbaijan 's Minister of the Interior , Iskender Khamidov , left for Nakhichevan to hold talks over the issue , denying that there had been a conflict .
12 I am not , for example , denying that there occur mental processes .
13 And erm , it s it seems to be an entirely er rational position for any public politician , for instance , Mrs Thatcher before the seventy-nine election , denying that she had any plans to double V A T , or Mr Major denying some of the plans for raising taxes that we 've come up with , or indeed denying plans to privatise the forestry commission .
14 There was no denying that she 'd caught his interest .
15 In November 1989 Secord had pleaded guilty to a felony charge of making a false statement to congressional investigators by denying that he knew that funds from the Iran-contra operation had been used to instal a security system at the house of Oliver North .
16 He came to spend the night , by agreement , twice a week and she saw him every day but there was no denying that he seemed a visitor and never a member of her household .
17 Paul wanted to retch , and at the same time felt his member thrusting against his clothes ; there was no denying that he had wanted this , when all was said , for a long time .
18 After demonstrations outside his home and threats to his life , Tshisekedi refused the position , denying that he had agreed to take it at a secret meeting with the President .
19 By Nov. 20 Mahdi Mohammed was reported to be massing reinforcements in Warsheik , about 60 km north of Mogadishu , and had placed a satellite telephone call to the British Broadcasting Corporation denying that he had been ousted .
20 While emphatically denying that he had acted improperly — Richardson claimed that his resignation was motivated by the desire to avoid damaging the ALP 's prospects in the next federal elections , due by mid-1993 — he admitted meeting Symons in his Senate office , writing a reference for him , and telephoning Amata Kabua , President of the Marshall Islands , after Symons was arrested .
21 Mars-Jones J in Palacath Ltd v Flanagan [ 1985 ] 2 All ER 161 decided that a surveyor was not immune without specifically denying that he had acted as a quasi-arbitrator .
22 In it the pope said nothing about homage , and argued temperately against lay investitures , minimizing their importance , and denying that he sought for himself any increase of authority or any diminution of the king 's due power .
23 The Great Novelist was uncharacteristically coy , denying that he intended to greet his guests dressed as Louis XIV .
24 If a person writes a book or magazine article denying that he has committed any crime , are his words to be interpreted as his opinion regarding the crime ?
25 This view avoids the necessity of explaining how an increase in complexity can occur by denying that it happens , but only at the expense of supposing not only that there is a minute homunculus in the egg but that within that homonculus there is an egg containing a still more minute homonculus , and so on , in Chinese box fashion , ad infinitum — or , if not ad infinitum , at least back to Eve , who carried within her a sufficient number of successively smaller homunculi to account for all the future generations of mankind .
26 The government , denying that it held any political prisoners , ordered the women to end their protest , saying that opposition supporters were taking advantage of it to cause unrest .
27 Whatever criticisms may be made of the STV there is no denying that it has proved viable in its own fashion in twenty-two general elections in the Republic of Ireland .
28 And there is no point denying that I suffer from Denial , because this means only that I am guilty of Deep Denial .
29 She looked into the Doctor 's eyes , noticing that they glowed faintly , as if gathering and enhancing the available light .
30 I could n't help noticing that they spent all their off-duty time racing down to London to what they called ‘ a sitting ’ , which tuned out to be another name for a seance .
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