Example sentences of "[vb base] it is for " in BNC.

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1 Since the Vendor will have entered into the relevant contracts in the first place it is for the Vendor to take the risk as saying whether or not the contracts fall within these categories .
2 The group finds that , for a given jet energy , the transverse momentum is always larger for the jet with lowest energy thin it is for the other two .
3 I believe it is for the fundamental reason summed up in the idea of Christ 's inclusive humanity .
4 But we believe we know what at this moment the country wants , and we believe it is for us in our strength to do what no other party can do at this moment and to say that we at any rate stand for peace …
5 It was not easy but I think it is for the best , in the long run .
6 But , I think it is for your children , but erm I 've I worked er , before I had the children and
7 I think it is for you purely to decide , that this application does not affect the house .
8 I 've just been at a two day conference at erm not very far from here , at Wisden House in which erm a number of erm top industrialists erm led by the former chairman of I C I have all unanimously been saying how bad they think it is for our future technological development and export development if overseas students get out of the habit of coming here .
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