Example sentences of "[vb base] [pron] [vb mod] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Erm I mean we we have some left but I mean they 're mainly empty which does n't matter a lot I mean I 'll them for next year .
2 Go on then , I 'll take a chance , I mean I 'll you thirty for six , no ?
3 Yeah I might , I mean I might I might go in the best ones I can get .
4 I mean I might I might do .
5 Well yeah , I mean I might I can probably get more advice on the R A F or Army than , than the Navy .
6 No I do n't feel guilty , I mean I would I would love to see everybody that was on the platform still alive .
7 The medical booklet I mean I would I er I think I believe in that you see .
8 Yeah I know it 's easier no you must feel really gutted , I mean I would I know , because as you said , you going out for ten months yeah exactly , yeah , exactly I mean come on you really liked him fancied him loved him oh wow , I said love , love love , I do n't know love hey man yeah yeah it 's probably , you know like when you dumped him for Danny it 's just probably like that yeah exactly exactly , so do n't worry oh come on he ca n't give up ten months for nothing I know it has to end someday , but it does n't I mean it 's like everyone thinks like that , it really annoys me , everybody , right who 's about our age yeah , they just go out with someone knowing that one day it 's gon na end , they 're just waiting for the day , and that you know , you should go out with someone with the intentions of being with them forever I know that sounds pathetic , but it 's true , yeah I know , yeah exactly yeah , yeah I know , why do you think I said it ?
9 Yeah the main difficulty is in is in the time period because it 's it 's quite likely that I mean I 'd we 'd been we 'd been hoping that the target candidate could put in a reasonable amount of personal commitment to the campaign .
10 Yeah I mean I 'd I 'd like to avoid really
11 Erm I mean I can I Actually I have n't got all that many left , which I think is
12 Yeah , but I mean I can you tell you for nine , half past something like that .
13 Well like I say I 'll I 'll mark the rest of them when I 've got them all in .
14 Oh dear , so like I say I 'd you know chat , you know chat away to her because I
15 nudge you should you say anything .
16 So I must say I entirely agree with Heather on this , it seems to me inevitable logic of Freud 's theory and erm my own view is that group psychoanalysis is a contradiction in terms , you can not do psychoanalysis in a group of this and those who say they can I think have n never understood what psychoanalysis is all about and are misleading the public and people pay good money for it .
17 There was n't any new town or anything and er they 'd built those er Council houses in the front in and he also erm , he said would I like a nice new house , to have plenty of hot water for the boys for bathing and everything , so I moved into a four bedroom and er I was there , er brought my family up there for , till er , unfortunately my mother came to live with me and unfortunately erm I had to go away erm because I was n't very well on a holiday and I was called back cos she was found dead on the toilet my poor mother and er after that erm I came back and erm , in the middle of the week from holiday , oh bother it will it be okay ?
18 Next time you cook it can you leave out the leeks ?
19 Next time you cook it can you leave out the leeks ?
20 Now she wunt want it will she ? ’
21 Could I be before you answer that question , you did ask , did n't you , ask him to be hypothetical and say what would he say in a year 's time , and I think what
22 Say what can I get them for then ?
23 I think the Labour Party 's heart is in the right place , they want to take a positive approach and do what they can to help industry , to train , to put more money into training youngsters for industry then we have a skill work force , not a cheap , not a cheap unskilled labour force , er , you know , which is what we , what 's happening now , because we 've just not been trained , they 're cutting the training , but it 's all the same , anyway you know , I , I , I do n't know , you say what can I do for ya , well er in the short run not much except to help the , the people who are on lower income and the children through the budget er which will be introduced , it 'll be that why er through er child benefits and through er high , high benefits and through er , er lower taxes for the , everybody up to er twenty odd , twenty five thousand year or something , so , erm I mean that 's in the short run and little that can be done , it 's not as much as anybody would like , you put more and more into , into er , into training , er more money into industry to help them to invest , er you know you can have a sort of regional development banks to help industry to invest these in , in each of the regions , but I mean the , these are the positive plans and not like this one who 's just letting things go .
24 Now , Grégoire which would you like ?
25 Our Gofer ( a young woman ) grabbed his hand before I could say anything and said , ‘ Great , show me will you ? ’ and dashed off with him in tow , coats flying .
26 Let me can I
27 I hope I 'll I 'll wait this year .
28 But you see , when it was all there cut what could I do about it ?
29 Becky Boo what can you see ?
30 Show us can you lend us a pound ?
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