Example sentences of "[vb base] [pron] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 but used to say I hate them , I hate them coming you know ?
2 I do n't think , ’ he said , ‘ they trust me to do nothing . ’
3 That those kinds of women make everyone need them and rely on them , so they foster an array of — of emotional cripples around them .
4 Jokes and laughter can be a wonderful way of bringing people together but Gowie 's so-called jokes are the sort that cause only anger and unhappiness and make everyone despise him .
5 ‘ We must meet reverses boldly , not suffer them to frighten us , my dear .
6 To picture a man in words , one 's much like another , ’ said Aldhelm , ‘ but bring me to see him , I 'll pick him out from a thousand . ’
7 Okay , you want the body temperature kept at an even level , do n't have it too high , do n't have it too low , cos if you shiver you make use of muscles and then the muscles will call on oxygen and then you 'll shiver , you do n't want them there you want the blood in here , if you make them sweat you 'll bring the blood to the surface of the skin again to lose heat , and that 's again precisely where you do n't need , you want it in the core of the body so you maintain an even body temperature .
8 Our technique is to make customers feel relaxed and make them feel they are buying the right car for their needs . ’
9 Even if you are only seeing a few people there should be someone to greet them on arrival and make them feel they have come to the right place on the right day .
10 The correlations with the various scales give some indication of what types of situation subjects think of as risky , particularly those which require high levels of concentration , feel stressful and make them feel they are not in control .
11 Likes to set things out and make them go you know
12 ‘ New entrants put pressure on existing companies and make them change their existing practices , ’ he said .
13 ( ii ) It is probably clear to the reader that , although we are trying to work formally and to assume nothing other than that given , we do not choose our definitions of unc and unc in a perfectly random fashion , but rather make them reflect what we want to happen .
14 The little things that drive our family mad and the wonderful things that make them love us .
15 Make them do what we know is for their benefit as well as our own , and all difficulties in China are at an end . ’
16 In order to teach potential students the value of laundry work you make them do it for a while .
17 Those who have had facts imparted to them effectively will pass the tests and those who have not will fail to pass the tests , and when the lists are read out on Speech Day the incompetence of the bad fact-imparters will be revealed to the world and this will act as a goad and make them impart their facts better in future … . ’
18 She believes some people will vote Labour to shake up the Conservatives and make them reconsider their policies .
19 I I always make them give me three p
20 Make them see what ? ’
21 Well the people who make them sell them for forty P er twenty P rather .
22 What we 've got to do is actually make them respect us .
23 Or at least make them doubt his guilt . ’
24 they just want to start it , cos once they start getting through that 's when they start getting wanting decent , wanting to eat more and I mean I make them clean theirs thoroughly , they 're really good at doing them actually as well
25 ‘ Alternatively , a woman may have low self-esteem , feeling she can only impress others or make them like her by buying status symbols or the latest fashions .
26 Hale & Pace are sometimes they make me piss myself and sometimes I think that was , sometimes they 're
27 And they told me about Azul , in Jersey , and before that I think it was before that they showed me the forensic photographs of all of them : Bissett skewered on the railings , grotesque and spread and limp ; the blood-smeared vibrator used on the retired judge , Jamieson ; the drained shapeless white body of Persimmon , tied to his grid above a pool of blood , then nothing when there should have been something ; then what was left of Sir Rufus Carter , blackened bones , distorted and bent , the black skull 's jaw hinged down in a blind scream but the flesh all gone very much a dental-records job and it was all black , the nails , the wood and the bones too but it 's their mouths their jaws I remember , their silent screams , hanging slack or jammed open and it gets worse because they show me the fucking video they show me the video they think I made or that I think they think I made but I did n't ; they make me watch it and it 's horrific ; there 's a man and he 's dressed in black or dark blue and he has a gorilla mask on and he keeps sucking on this little bottle he 's carrying which must be helium because it gives him that baby voice disguising his own voice and he has this fat little guy strapped to a chrome seat , his mouth taped , one arm tied down onto the arm of the chair , shirt rolled up and the little guy 's shrieking as hard as he can but it sounds quiet because the noise is having to come down his nose while the man in the gorilla mask looks from the camera to the guy in the seat and holds up this huge fucking syringe like something from a nightmare from an old movie from a horror film and I can feel my heart beating wildly because that 's what this is .
28 Make me feel my age , tell you the truth !
29 Make me feel I have some kind of base to my life .
30 " You make me feel there are songs to be sung
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