Example sentences of "[vb pp] over the world " in BNC.

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1 While a large number of the items taken from Germany are held in special State-run storage facilities and are easy to work with , the majority of works removed from Russia were scattered over the world in the post-war period ’ .
2 Yarrell is publishing the British birds quarto size — and about one thousand other niny tiny Works are in progress to assist in the mass of confusion already scattered over the World . ’
3 It indicates the change that has come over the world .
4 The volume of support for Sakharov broke through to the Moscow centre where power is wielded over the world from lofty isolation , where ‘ they ’ make their decisions .
5 So we thank you for food , for clothing , for our homes , and for the government that you have set over the world .
6 A stygian gloom had fallen over the world .
7 Freud thought that communism could not be established over the world as a whole without a great deal of bloodshed , and that even then , although the human potential for brutality and killing may be less , it would not disappear entirely .
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