Example sentences of "[vb pp] at [adj] time " in BNC.

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1 Their 7 foot 6 inches-wide body was the widest permitted at that time , and allowed two-by-two seating on upholstered seats in the saloon .
2 That deaf people marry other deaf people was not , as could be supposed at that time , a new phenomenon — it will be recalled from Chapter I that John Dyott married a deaf girl after the Civil War in 1645 .
3 My first reaction to the resignations was that they were tantamount to an admission of guilt when , in fact , the Argentinians could have attacked at any time in the previous fifteen years .
4 The main gearbox has an oil pump to circulate the oil unlike most gearboxes designed at that time which relied on splash lubrication .
5 It was a no-win situation for the unfortunate air crews taking part , and it would have been understandable if morale had completely cracked at that time .
6 St. Martin 's was rebuilt over twenty years after the sack , which implies there was no extensive damage to its structure , and although All Saints ' was also rebuilt at this time , a great deal of its thirteenth-century architecture survived .
7 On stylistic grounds other northern castles built or rebuilt at this time may be attributed to him , notably Raby and Sheriff Hutton ( 1382 ) , and perhaps also Lumley in county Durham and Wressle , Yorkshire .
8 He always seemed to know exactly where Sergeant Charles Trumper of the Royal Fusiliers could be located at any time of the day or night .
9 The Romans were certainly prime movers , but not that quick , and without introducing a pettifogging intimacy with dates , names , and trifling matters of fact , might it be mentioned that the legions were desperately occupied at that time around the Medway and not Melrose ?
10 It was forbidden at that time to bring wildlife to school .
11 It is not surprising that many professionals involved in education are rather dispirited and disillusioned at this time .
12 and the head or whoever it is is committed at that time to be taking the rest of the year so they can profile .
13 Written by Sarah Daniels , it is being performed by Clean Break , a theatre company mounting professional productions performed by women who have been through the criminal justice system , including ex-prisoners , ex-probationers and those committed at some time to secure observation and psychiatric units .
14 Note that justices should ask for evidence of the time of sunset and sunrise where the exact time is in question and that this offence can be committed at any time .
15 ‘ As this offence can be committed at any time the fact that it was dark at the time could be shown to assist the court in deciding on punishment .
16 ‘ If a committal order is made , the order shall be for the issue of a warrant of committal and , unless the judge otherwise orders — ( a ) a copy of the order shall be served on the person to be committed either before or at the time of the execution of the warrant ; or ( b ) where the warrant has been signed by the judge , the order for issue of the warrant may be served on the person to be committed at any time within 36 hours after the execution of the warrant .
17 A very low-fat start to the day is tomatoes or mushrooms on a slice of wholemeal toast ; and the baked bean must not be forgotten at this time of day .
18 He had a good look at it and said part of the pedestal had been mended at some time which took away a lot of the value .
19 The former soldier said : ‘ It was a bit like being mortared at any time .
20 Clearly , in order to obtain this kind of information it is necessary to conduct three assessments under similar conditions so that they are directly comparable and spaced at equal time intervals .
21 Further branches can be added at any time .
22 Further branches can be added at any time .
23 Proposals to replace our dry sow accommodation could not have come at worse time , with pig prices falling through the floor , and I suppose some would say that we are reacting plenty soon enough .
24 ... But no , for he had said her heart was badly damaged , death might have come at any time .
25 He did his best to see that his phone was n't disconnected at that time — he lived , as I say , from day to day .
26 If , for example , the normal retiring age for a post is 60 , those who are retained over this age may be discarded at any time by the employer .
27 It had the added distinction of being edited at one time by Nelson Mandela , the ANC leader now in prison .
28 This was unacceptable , and he suggested finalizing the technical agreements if the issue of services could not be resolved at that time .
29 Any given rise in unemployment in the winter months , therefore , can only be shown to be significant if it can be demonstrated that the rise is over and above that which is normally expected at that time of year .
30 Speedy success was essential , since records gathered over the previous 80 years showed that at best only three weeks of rain-free weather could be expected at that time of the year .
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