Example sentences of "[vb pp] to be [adj] " in BNC.

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1 She had always hankered to be tall and fair , like Riborg .
2 More problematic for the school as a whole are those initiatives that are designed to be cross-curricular and pervasive : language across the curriculum , maths across the curriculum , computing across the curriculum .
3 Many codecs already developed are designed to be upgradeable when such standards become widely accepted and it is therefore likely that within a few years dial-up videoconferencing will be possible between a wide range of different proprietary systems .
4 Many modern mains transformers are designed to be versatile , but this versatility can ( and does ) cause a certain amount of confusion .
5 Being keen-sighted created , we are designed to be alert during the day and to sleep through the dark hours .
6 They are designed to be equivalent in standard to existing qualifications , such as those of the RSA and CGLI , and to replace them in Scotland .
7 On Sept. 12 ESA officials announced that its new Pegasus rocket , designed to be air-launched and to carry small satellites into orbit , would undergo its first flight test in the USA the following week .
8 Bright states in his introduction that the " audience is seen as academic and professional , but interdisciplinary ; thus articles are designed to be intelligible and useful to people in related disciplines " ( Vol.1 , p. ix ) .
9 The Cx486S is designed to be pin-compatible with Intel 's 80486SX and will come in 33MHz , 40MHz and 50MHz versions , as well as a clock-doubled 25/50MHz version .
10 The machine incorporates new , more integrated and lower cost technology into the same symmetric multiprocessing architecture as the Series 400 and is designed to be cost-effective for between 40 and 400 active users .
11 Well there 's two , there 's two , there 's two things , there are four things going on here , and it 's , it was designed to be confusing .
12 ‘ The evening has been designed to be relaxing , and to be a sociable end to a busy first day , ’ said LIBF director Brian Bradford .
13 Operations centre around computer clubs and groups of enthusiasts who can not resist the challenge of copying something designed to be uncopiable ( see Box ) .
14 Personal R:Base has been designed to be simple to learn and use , which is true to a certain extent , as manipulating data in a pre-created database is almost self explanatory .
15 Personal R:Base has been designed to be simple to learn and use , which is true to a certain extent , as manipulating data in a pre-created database is almost self explanatory .
16 Bernstock & Speirs ' hats are designed to be easy to wear .
17 Martek is well known for its innovative drill accessories , and we are offering two of the most useful products in the company 's range this month , both designed to be easy to use , but very precise in operation .
18 The whole problem was compounded by the fact that the first successful desktop publishing system was based on the Macintosh ; a computer designed to be easy to use and , therefore , give the feeling of rapid achievement .
19 It is surely reasonable that taxes should be designed to be easy and cheap to collect , difficult to avoid and should not be a discouragement to the enterprise and effort of those paying them .
20 Their requirements may be similar to those of others , but at present the vast majority of goods and services on offer are only designed to be user-friendly for fit , athletic members of MENSA !
21 The capacitive reactances are designed to be low over the operating range of frequencies compared with any incidental shunting capacitive reactance or resistance .
22 ‘ PCBs were designed to be inert .
23 They have been designed to be relevant to both small and large organisations in the public and private sectors , and take into account the variations that there will inevitably be in organisations ' approaches to developing their people .
24 The sleek hull of a Viking boat was specially designed to be shallow enough and narrow enough for use on navigable rivers , along which Norsemen brought fire and the sword .
25 No I 'm not designed to be pregnant I 'm not .
26 Not designed to be pregnant .
27 Both UA1 and UA2 were designed to be capable of detecting W and Z particles .
28 Designed to be informative , even for the professional in the field .
29 Where the degree course and the HNC/HND course have not been designed to be integral with each other , students seeking entry to the degree course on the basis of the HNC/HND will normally need to take two further academic years of full-time study for a Degree and three further academic years of full-time study for an Honours Degree ( or the part-time equivalents ) .
30 These will be called Scottish Vocational Qualifications ( SVQs ) , will encompass the competences identified by Industry Lead Bodies and will be designed to be compatible with NVQs awarded in the rest of the UK .
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