Example sentences of "[vb pp] a long [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 Can only assume this was designed a long time ago , say roughly 1983 ; surely even Peter Snow must now realise that a Labour landslide is rather more likely than a Tory one .
2 Of the two Opens Sandy never looked like winning until the end ; Seve had it won a long way away .
3 Well backed after catching the eye previously , he strolled home by 12 lengths , having his race won a long way out .
4 Another super-domestique of great experience is Sean Yates from Sussex , who has won a long time trial stage in the tour .
5 What is more , much of government expenditure is committed a long time in advance and can not easily be cut .
6 One of these types is the de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou and over the years it has attracted a long list of very satisfied customers .
7 But because the new craft will broadcast at a high power , they will have to be spaced a long way apart so that TV sets in , say , Canada do not receive signals meant for the US .
8 ‘ We 've come a long way , you and I , ’ Michael went on .
9 The only difficulty you might face is in getting the right look — doors that match the style of your house — but manufacturers have come a long way from the early aluminium-framed types , and a range of styles is now available .
10 Simulators have come a long way in recent years and today many of them use screen addressing to update the information .
11 The Social Democrats have come a long way since the early 1980s when , newly tossed into opposition , the party was crippled by defeatism .
12 VICTIM SUPPORT has come a long way from the six-month experiment set up 10 years ago by a group of concerned professionals in Bristol .
13 They 've come a long way since those days though — the soles of that pair were completely worn through after 400 miles walking in the Andes so that I ended up walking in my socks !
14 ‘ They had come a long way from a meeting in the very early days when Sunil Desai , Jayaben 's son and then secretary of the strike committee , had suggested that the men do the picketing and the women make the tea .
15 Our cosmetics and toiletries have come a long way since the days when Elizabeth I used highly toxic lead powder to whiten and enhance her complexion !
16 The humble fryer has come a long way since the days when it was little more than a heating element and a thermostat .
17 MacMillan has come a long way since 1963 but Hermanas can still grip when done as well as this .
18 Fainting goats have come a long way since the days when farmers used them as decoys to protect herds of sheep from coyotes ( coyote arrives ; goat faints and is devoured ; sheep escape ) .
19 He had come a long way , he believed , since the Speaker paper ( October 1897 ) , ‘ Shadows of the Hills ’ .
20 It was then , and still is now , very much an island holiday paradise , but it 's come a long way from what were fairly basic beginnings and in addition to natural beauty can now offer resorts as modern and sophisticated as anywhere else in the Med .
21 Contemporary psychology has come a long way from the time when J. B. Watson , the first behaviourist , forbade the consideration of non-observable entities .
22 She has come a long way from 1755 when John Whiston described her poetry as ‘ extremely fit for young ladies … ‘
23 We have come a long way .
24 Washington had come a long way from the converted house of 1835 , the charmingly simple Italianate villa of 1851 , or even the pleasingly revivalist Baltimore and Potomac of 1873–7 .
25 He had come a long way since his early days as a security guard with a small outfit , had climbed with Buckmaster .
26 We have come a long way since the idealism of Lord Devlin — and that was only twenty years ago .
27 I 've come a long way — I may have to go much farther — and I 'm not turning back now .
28 Microscopy has come a long way since the 1670s when Antonie van Leewenhoek used his relatively crude instruments to see for the first time the bacteria that inhabit worlds normally hidden from the naked eye .
29 In the event , the announcement was premature ; but fusion researchers have come a long way since then
30 But , ’ he continued seriously , ‘ I do see danger for you and I also feel sorry , as you have come a long way for nothing . ’
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