Example sentences of "[vb pp] [adv] over [art] " in BNC.

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1 Sandblasting of the Great Slab area at Stanage to remove graffiti painted on over the August bank holiday has had the beneficial side effect of totally cleaning the afflicted area of chalk and rubber marks , and has also increased the friction .
2 In 1928 the Medical Officer reported that maternity and child welfare had developed remarkably over the last two years .
3 In the morning clouds boiled ominously over the distant Baltoro peaks as we cramponed to the start of the east ridge .
4 Counties are designated all over the south .
5 ‘ We pulled out all the stops to produce extra stock needed to meet the charter flights , so the paint could be flown in over the weekends . ’
6 Born in 1900 , the same year as the Queen Mother , he had spent twenty-three years at the top , he had travelled all over the world , he had stories and memories of escapades and people and was a colourful raconteur .
7 Although he 's travelled all over the world taking stills , Mexico and the Bahamas last year , Thailand and Kampuchea before that , of all the beautiful places he 's visited and the stunning scenery he 's witnessed , his favourite place is the bottom of the sea .
8 A group of armed Covenanters , under the command of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston , East Lothian , had assembled at Rutherglen , and being opposed to Charles , had travelled all over the district , extinguishing the bonfires and stopping the celebrations .
9 For Charlie is one of Scotland 's best known pipers and has travelled all over the world with the Black Watch to play at social and diplomatic functions .
10 Again without a query , the news was triumphantly relayed all over the world , with the simultaneous announcement that the Kaiser had bestowed the Pour le Mérite upon Guretzky-Cornitz .
11 The recently launched G M B , T and G information pack on the acquired rights directive has been well received all over the country and a revised pack is available here at Congress today , giving negotiators and stewards the latest information and arguments to use to protect members ' jobs and conditions .
12 Pierre has taught all over the world — next month he 's running a course here at the Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway .
13 A third round of preliminary talks in Rome between the TPLF and the Ethiopian government on March 20-29 had broken down over the TPLF 's insistence that " substantive talks " should involve a joint delegation of the TPLF and its ally , the Ethiopian People 's Democratic Movement ( EPDM ) .
14 Cabinet negotiations had broken down over the balance of power in the government , with the " small coalition " demanding greater control over the economy than the PSL was prepared to concede .
15 Table 7 gives some idea of the many Friesian derivatives which have since been developed all over the world .
16 Footsteps are heard all over the building causing surprise and apprehension and expectancy in those visitors who have heard about the phenomena but have n't experienced it .
17 ‘ Minpins of the forest ! ’ he cried , raising his small voice so that it could be heard all over the tree .
18 Rather grudgingly a voice said , ‘ The Prime Minister ’ , and supporting voices were heard all over the room .
19 Her eyes were like Glittering Stars ; her raging voice could be heard all over the County — even as far as Cleveland .
20 The Museum , although having a modern exterior , was originally built around a Moorish bath-house Commemorative plaques of the Rock 's historical past have been posted all over the streets and buildings .
21 Shiseido has increased the proportion of the moisturising ingredient hyaluronic acid in the Matte Red Lipstick to give a velvety texture , and the three-sided Black Variations Shadow Liner is as soft as charcoal so that it can be blended all over the eyelid or gently smudged as a liner .
22 Savings groups were formed all over the country and children ran their own campaigns in schools .
23 And thousands have sped all over the world .
24 Leaked all over the pages . ’
25 Then , slowly , he looked round the kitchen and the sitting room at the flowers painted all over the pale green walls , like a meadow in summer , at the dark green ivy crawling up the stairs and the bears and tigers and dragons decorating every piece of furniture .
26 The potential of hoard studies has been realised only over the last century .
27 The simple service has not altered basically over the years .
28 They were checked again then carried on over the drawbridge and through the gate .
29 cab 's rolled right over the top .
30 The auk tribe ( guillemots , razorbills and puffins ) , which spend the winter scattered widely over the ocean , will also be heading inshore towards their breeding cliffs .
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