Example sentences of "[vb pp] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The second hand had stopped where it had met the pin inserted near the 55-second mark .
2 While I was struggling to stop it , frost was formed where it struck my already cold hand .
3 Plugs or outlets too , are often fitted in a haphazard way around the room , with the result that when a lamp is placed where it seems most needed , it frequently has to trail a dangerous mess of flex or wire with it .
4 But in July Mary of Guise was able to fight back more successfully , and at the end of the month the two sides made another truce , by which Edinburgh was to be free to choose its religion , and Catholic observance was not to be reinstated where it had been suppressed .
5 His thick black curly hair seemed to grow around his head like a crown , leaving his forehead exposed where it had receded .
6 The Halifax , Britain 's biggest building society , also disclosed that it had set aside a £20m provision against its loans to the collapsed London docklands developer Kentish Property Group .
7 But in the immediate wake of the October 19 crash , IBM 's most serious rival , Comdisco , disclosed that it had lost $100m in a business that had nothing to do with its main occupation of leasing and trading IBM equipment .
8 Eventually , on Feb. 25 , the Israeli Foreign Ministry disclosed that it had formally requested additional US military aid worth US$1,000 million to offset defence costs incurred as a result of the crisis .
9 It was the only object , apart from the books , which reflected a personal taste ; Dalgliesh hardly supposed that it had been provided by a Government agency .
10 Although intensive visual concentration can sometimes lead to fatigue it must be stressed that it does not damage vision .
11 Sabre has stressed that it had no formal link with Clydesale Office Equipment , which has now closed down .
12 Greece has always stressed that it had no designs on Macedonian territory and it has succeeded in getting its neighbours to say the same .
13 Adoption should never be suggested as the next option after treatment failure , it should be stressed that it involves a different type of parenting to biological parenthood , and adoptive parents should be advised to contact an organisation such as Parent to Parent Information on Adoption or British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering ( BAAF ) for information .
14 At the same time , while accepting that tension between richer and poorer peasants was growing and that Stolypin 's reform created fierce friction between those who separated from the commune and those who remained within it , revisionists have stressed that it did not shake their common determination that noble land should be transferred into their hands .
15 In fact , we might have to be reminded that it came from a pig at all .
16 As the phonemic contrasts in one 's own language are " built in " , it can be expected that it takes longer to detach oneself from these contrasts than it takes to master the actual pronunciation .
17 Indeed fluidity — of both form and texture is perhaps the chief characteristic of a type of music so free and richly varied that it defies definition .
18 Many would have claimed that it served none , that it was but the result of the Fall and of sin , and that it brought only harm and hurt to the world .
19 When the company was trying to stimulate confidence amongst its backers , Nimslo proudly claimed that it had ‘ received ’ nearly £3 million in government grants to tool up for British production at the Timex factory in Dundee .
20 UNITA , which had unilaterally downgraded the status of its delegation shortly before the talks , further claimed that it had already made concessions including the recognition of the ruling MPLA as a political party , and of President dos Santos as head of state .
21 The company previously claimed that it had used biodegradable cardboard packaging since 1957 .
22 The government initially claimed that it had no prior notice of the Commission 's intention to initiate proceedings , but it was later disclosed that this had been the subject of correspondence between the Commission and the Department of Transport .
23 It was claimed that it made rural communities vulnerable to guerrilla reprisals .
24 Harry Gent , at any rate , always claimed that it arose from the numerous illegal cockfights that were held in the cellar .
25 That there was a pattern for her in Lermontov 's novel is conceivable : but it ca n't be claimed that it fits her with exactitude , or that it provides an explanation of her conduct .
26 The ‘ vehicle ’ is footsteered and some have claimed that it has helped their gybing tremendously .
27 Staff at the Commission have claimed that it has insufficient funds to do this .
28 The seam had been so thoroughly picked that it had a sharp edge .
29 If your holiday plan is so tightly organised that it allows for no days off , and no travel delays , it 's time to think again .
30 It has been given the name " facial vision " , because blind people have reported that it feels a bit like the sense of touch , on the face .
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