Example sentences of "[vb past] [been] [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 I imagined Perkin threading along that trail at night , following the paint quite easily as he 'd been that way already in daylight , and being secretly pleased with himself because if he had inadvertently left any traces of his passage the first time they could be explained away naturally by the second .
2 Conditions were better for fishing now than they 'd been all night .
3 Pulling the tabs on the thermal cans to heat up the food , she glanced over at him but he was exactly as he 'd been all day , close yet remote , unreachable .
4 ‘ If only there 'd been more time , ’ said Kelly , ‘ I 'd have tried to help her work out a clear-cut characterisation , but we had a tight schedule and I left it up to her . ’
5 There 'd been another quake at 4am , a 6.5 shock .
6 Like us , he reckoned that there 'd been another man there .
7 Well out of order , the thing is if that 'd been , if that 'd been another troop trying to do it to him , there would of been , there would of been shit
8 In those days too , there 'd been another festival a month or so later , called ban chho āi , the leaving of the forest .
9 Apparently there 'd been this girl , Spanish or Portuguese I think , and Ollie had been giving her private lessons at his flat , and he thought she fancied him , and he 'd had a couple of Special Brews at the time and thought she was just shy , and then he tried kissing her , and it 's the old , old , sordid story , is n't it ?
10 well they were having a biology lesson , she 'd been all about these , they 'd been this biology
11 And there 'd been this picture of a human lying down , with what looked like nomes tying it up with hundreds of ropes .
12 He 'd been some kind of engineer .
13 ‘ Dave rang me , see , and he said there 'd been some blokes asking around about me and he did n't think they were coppers at all , and I thought well , that could be The Firm —
14 There 'd been some snow , and erm er he was n't well , and could I if I cared I could look for a work elsewhere , as i it was just impossible for him to pay wages , you see ?
15 There 'd been some trouble up there between the Catholics and the Protestants and we were ordered to put a line across the road and were ordered to take out our truncheons .
16 Perhaps there 'd been some trouble — some kind of scene he wanted to warn her about .
17 There 'd been some trouble at The Randolph .
18 Listen , if there 'd been any fruit around I 'd have eaten it .
19 No , not at all , no I if there 'd been any doubt then I would n't have played , but erm no doubt at all .
20 If there 'd been any evidence to link the death to anyone connected with the Jonquil the police would have found it by now .
21 Yeah , could of been if there 'd been any Romans in Italy .
22 Tell him that if there 'd been any chemistry between us at all , I would have married you years ago and if he had any bloody sense he 'd do it now — in fact , forget it , I 'll tell him myself . ’
23 Not that you 'd know they 'd been most days .
24 The report was published in July 1986 and concluded that apparently there had been little work done on the effects of skill mix on patient services and that " a higher priority should be given by management to achieving the best value for money by the adoption of methods of allocating staffing resources more closely related to the needs of patients and ward objectives .
25 There had been little looting .
26 He had been discharged but a year later there had been little change in his weight .
27 Comparing , for fixed-term contract workers , the results of the 1984 survey with those of the 1980 survey we found that there had been little change .
28 The party managers continued to bewail the organizational weakness of Coalition Liberalism , but there had been little opportunity for organizational collaboration ; one of the few joint ventures , a magazine called Popular View , was abandoned in 1921 because of the impossibility of producing a lively magazine out of continuous compromise .
29 There was an emphasis on the generation of female employment as well as on the general need for diversification but there had been little development by the outbreak of war .
30 There had been little damage to Galilee or Rashidiyeh in the exchange of fire but , not far from the entrance to the Palestinian camp , I was briefly introduced to a man who was described as the ‘ leader of joint PLO forces in Rashidiyeh .
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