Example sentences of "[vb past] [been] [prep] [det] " in BNC.

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1 Getting him out of bed in the mornings in time for school became a real problem for his family when he 'd been up most of the night with pencil and note book .
2 ‘ But I do n't want to be sharing my life with anyone , gorgeous hunk or not , ’ Shannon had pointed out mildly , managing with an effort not to remind Kelly they 'd been over this ground a hundred times before .
3 How would you describe , if you 'd been through that jungle what would you have said ?
4 I 'd a lump on my head the size of a goose egg ; I 'd been through some kind of hell in the spaces ; I 'd prayed for … it was not what I 'd prayed for at all .
5 At last we were able to talk to people who 'd been through this . ’
6 Her head was aching a bit too , but then that was not surprising perhaps after what she 'd been through this evening .
7 I 'd been at that school for two terms , eight months at the most .
8 I wonder , if you 'd been at that dinner , would you have joined them in their scepticism .
9 And , they were often not released until they 'd been at this casual ward for two days .
10 R R Ricky er Richie er longer than she 'd been with any you know , boy that she got on with
11 ‘ I brought in the Readers ' Digests , ’ she muttered , unable to apply the brakes when she 'd been on such a powerful roll .
12 Yes that 's how that 's how it was , yes all I was on that gate , I 'd been on that gate myself dozens of times .
13 V.W. I tried to get something going last year after we 'd been on this girls in secondary schools course .
14 Well none of the lads were prepared to take that on , cos we 'd been on this contract with for the last eleven years .
15 We were not reassured when a solitary American tourist travelling on the same flight told us he 'd been on this very plane on a previous flight , and they found petrol pouring down the window before take-off , and had to do some repair work on it .
16 She says , Ali Carver , she said they 'd been to that last Saturday night with a couple from and she said they paid fifteen pound just them
17 And this was the day to do it the Women of the North lunch in Harrogate , like the Woman of the Year in London ‘ only much friendlier and more fun ’ according to a lady who 'd been to both .
18 Although before this year he 'd been to fewer golf tournaments than we had cold drinks on that hot September afternoon , he still has fond memories of watching Arnold Palmer win the Colonial NIT close to his hometown of Dallas in 1962 .
19 GUIL : I thought we 'd been into all that .
20 He 'd been along all these paths before .
21 It was the first time she 'd been in such a grand vehicle , and when she looked over the side she seemed so high up she was dizzy .
22 He looked at me apathetically through a mist of weakness and pain and one could see he 'd been in that water a lot too long .
23 They all put in their tenpenny 's worth about what they thought should be filmed , but nobody asked my opinion , and I 'd been in more films than the rest of the cast put together .
24 How glad I 'd been in those first nights with him .
25 I 'd been in this business long enough to know he was lying and that something was going on . ’
26 She moved away from him and went over to the couch she had taken her ease in the last time she 'd been in this room .
27 If she 'd been in any doubt as to the strength of my feelings , she had no excuse any longer .
28 I supposed I 'd been like that too , but I could n't remember .
29 He 'd been like that once , he 'd trusted and believed , and look what had happened to him .
30 I had been up most of the night on surveillance and , dressed in ‘ raggies ’ in a seedy dockside pub outside my own police area , had posed as a ‘ driver ’ for a drug-dealer .
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