Example sentences of "[vb past] [been] [prep] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 They came up to view Heidi 's riding display then I went back with them and Vicki and Malcolm diverted from Barford on the Sunday where they 'd been for lunch and picked me up Sunday afternoon the sort of following weekend .
2 " I feel worn out , much more than I would if I 'd been for miles on the moor .
3 However , the London season was almost upon them and she was more cheerful than she 'd been for weeks .
4 Father and son exchanged looks , in better temper with each other than they 'd been for years .
5 They were both drunker than they 'd been for years .
6 Yeah and I said to her erm , and she said I do n't know how it came out about her son in the fire service , oh I know she 'd just come back from Orlando , cos she 'd been off work having had a hysterectomy and she had three week 's leave due to her
7 He 'd been off drugs for six months when he died in that fire . ’
8 Johnny Smart , who 'd been at Oxford with him and edited one of the university magazines , landed what seemed then an amazing job on the Evening Standard .
9 Helen did n't help herself or increase the possibility of peace on earth by saying she 'd been at Dad 's Chislehurst gig .
10 Ever since we 'd been at university together , I 'd known him as a bit of a shower freak , staying in there for ages .
11 ‘ She 'd been at work , she said , when she went into labour .
12 But it was because I 'd been at St. Martin 's that we got that first gig .
13 After he 'd been at Mandru for a while , Lucien learned that Mandru had refused to have any more boys from Por Tanssie after his last purchase from that academy had committed suicide .
14 He 'd been at school with Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen .
15 If I 'd been at school I think I 'd have wanted to leave at Easter .
16 I really enjoyed having a tutor and I learned more than if I 'd been at school .
17 This was the middle of an argument they 'd been at home .
18 Erm and at that ti but other than that , mind you I su I suppose that if , if I 'd been at home I should have probably been expected to be in , but I do n't think I should have been locked out .
19 ‘ So you would , if you 'd been at home , ’ Roman rapped , his quietness discarded for an anger that made Claudia shiver .
20 If she 'd been at home and beset by devils like this , she would most likely have gone for a walk .
21 Both Lady Amory and Sir John liked to get their hands in the soil — they did all the planting and arranging of the beds themselves — but they also had two willing helpers , gardeners who 'd been at Knightshayes for years , and some foresters .
22 Mrs Clinton replied that she 'd been at college with him and they 'd had a very close relationship .
23 Captain 'd been at Combe Court for ages and ages I think , cos he knew everyone , even the very poorly ones like Glenda .
24 He said he 'd been at Parkhead recently ( his son is in the reserves ) and Billy Bremner had been there .
25 Did he tell you that he 'd been at flat I mean years before or near the date of this or what ?
26 So she would tell herself when she was sick and retching and dizzy , in a week or two , as she 'd been with Liam .
27 Rory knew because he 'd been with mum once when they 'd met Lachy and a woman in the street in Lochgilphead .
28 Buzz remembered Nurse Evans , who 'd been with Nell in Ward C at La Chapelle ; after the war , Evans had worked in one of those rich bins before she 'd married a Lutheran minister and gone to live in Scotland .
29 But she simply ignored him as she always had and began to practise with the yellow-haired vibrancer who 'd been with Jeopardy in Mandru 's salon on the morning Lucien had met the master .
30 David Harper , from Uckington , no relation to the twins , who 'd been with Rebecca , and Wisdom Smith , who was with Emma , both told the police they 'd jumped from bales of blazing straw .
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