Example sentences of "[coord] over [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Possibly its most endearing feature is that all the control is executed from the Macintosh , the PC can be connected locally or over a telephone line with modems and , apart from being started up , needs no attention .
2 But , perhaps more importantly , no other player could ( Law 18. ( 2 ) ( d ) ) wilfully fall on or over a player lying on the ground with the ball in his possession .
3 Often this is to do with the fact that the current bereavement has driven the person into emotional overload because of everything else that is happening in their life either currently or over a period of time .
4 This may be in a particular meeting or over a period of time .
5 Most businesses will place , or take , orders by telephone , or as a result of face to face dealing , for instance as a result of a representative 's visit or , less formally , at a trade fair or over a business lunch .
6 Ash liked his characters at or over the edge of madness , constructing systems of belief and survival from the fragments of experience available to them .
7 But now you have to begin at the other end and tell the story in a straight run through the eyes , or over the shoulder , of the " detective " figure .
8 ( 6 ) In this section — " disposition " has the same meaning as in the Law of Property Act 1925 ; " interest in land " means any estate , interest or charge in or over land or in or over the proceeds of sale of land .
9 ( 6 ) In subsection ( 5 ) above — " disposition " and " purchaser " have the same meanings as in the Law of Property Act 1925 ; and " interest in land " means any estate , interest or charge in or over land or in or over the proceeds of sale of land .
10 I tend to have a fairly light touch , often only skimming across the surface of the paper , or over the top of previously applied colours .
11 The author manages very successfully to convey all his sadness and bitterness and at the same time great strength of his departure from this world without being verbose or over the top .
12 such an offer made in a letter or over the telephone could still remain ‘ without prejudice ’ and would not be admissible in evidence .
13 1 Use of pipes The right to the free and uninterrupted passage and running of water sewage gas electricity telephone and other services or supplies from and to other parts of the Centre or any Adjoining Property in and through the Pipes which now are or may during the Term be in under or over the Premises This is a standard reservation and the tenant may wish to ascertain at the outset just exactly which are the pipes at the commencement of the term that will be the subject of this right .
14 2 Construction of pipes The right to construct and to maintain in on under or over the Premises at any time during the Term any Pipes for the benefit of any other part of the Centre or any Adjoining Property This is not a standard right and could be highly disruptive .
15 The greenery-yallery mush makes a terrific flavour to smear under or over the skin of poultry , in which to steam or microwave fish or to marinate prawns before grilling .
16 Text comes in either from our own word processing systems , on disk from various sources or over the Telecom Gold Email service .
17 A more likely explanation is that , seeing that the Germans had vanished overnight from the field of Gumbinnen he judged his outnumbered foe to be in full retreat , either to the fortress city of Konigsberg or over the Vistula .
18 The cost is very reasonable starting at around £30 , and the course can be completed in a day , either during the week or over the weekend , in safe flat water conditions .
19 This evening , or over the weekend , I will be putting together a mailing list so that us train spotter type supporters do n't get in the way of the real reason for Gav 's excellent listserver. ( grovel , fawn …
20 He was polite but distant after that for the rest of the week , and there was no suggestion that they should get together in the evening or over the weekend .
21 If you fancy a tour today or over the weekend the mansion and its famous gardens are still open .
22 She had been continually up the spout , or over the moon , about someone or something .
23 ‘ And are you , or are you not , sick as a parrot or over the moon respectively , about increased charges for changing rooms and pitches ? ’
24 Not by letter or over the phone . ’
25 I did n't want to say that to you in a letter or over the phone . ’
26 After weeks of discussion , the sides failed to agree terms , either over the crown of France or over the lands to be held by the English , and under what conditions .
27 Possibly the test is , ‘ Can it be inferred from the facts of the particular case that the occupier had such control over the licensee or over the circumstances which made his act possible that he ought to have prevented it ?
28 This raises public awareness and the press is always interested in hard statistics ; so if you can say several hundred people signed the petition in an afternoon or over the course of a few days it will undoubtedly earn you publicity .
29 We had a good field of fire all round in case the enemy came out of the sunken road or over the hedge .
30 They continued along the walkway , the members of the delegation peering towards the cells or over the rails every so often .
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