Example sentences of "[coord] it [is] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It may be alarmed the first time a bit is put in its mouth , or saddle is put on its back , or it 's girthed up , or mounted , but this anxiety can be ‘ undone ’ or prevented altogether by making sure that the horse is not hurt and by rewarding the horse at the same time .
2 And here was Margot it 's , it 's been called off , or it 's called off .
3 Either it 's causing ill health or it 's affecting your relationships .
4 Your key performance indicators , there 's several indicators , if you like , indicating that your persistency is maybe going down , indicating that your product knowledge , you need a re-enlightened on certain products , if you like it 's warning shots across the bow , hey or it 's drawing your att , your attention to a certain area , yah ?
5 you make an arrangement to have a game of tennis but the weather , you know i it 's snowing or it 's raining so a lot of them get rained off which is er quite sad .
6 Erm once the development er that would have been g going into Selby actually goes into the new settlement then it 's me it 's either meeting the new settlement 's er sorry the the it 's either meeting the goals of Greater York , in which case that 's been taken away from Selby , or it 's substituting for Selby .
7 ‘ IBM needs to make something happen with OS/2 2.1 , or it 's facing the possibility of being a niche product for a very long time . ’
8 If the comb is n't level , it may be because you did n't put it in symmetrically , or that the weights are n't positioned symmetrically , or it 's caught on the ribber , or you tied the end of the yarn to the clamp when you started .
9 And our concern is that if that figure is appro is is agreed or recommended by the panel or it 's gon na to be taken by the county that there is something in the order of a hundred and thirty hectares of employment land which is going to take investment from somewhere .
10 That 's that 's either gon na get worser or it 's gon na die down but I think it 's gon na get worser .
11 It 's just some people that eat everything they live till they 're ruddy seventy or it 's makes you wonder !
12 And let us help each other get this thing into perspective or it 's going to ruin our collaboration . ’
13 It took three and a half months and I was just wondering about it the whole time and I thought , ‘ Man , it 's either going to be so good that I 'm never going to want to play another guitar , or it 's going to suck .
14 What I think we 're saying on this side of the house , I do n't know if we 're saying it loud enough or it 's going to have effect , is that we must reduce the number of rules and regulations , you do n't actually need the body which the honourable member 's talking about .
15 Khovanshchina is so : you see what happens , someone is coming or someone is angry or unhappy or he 's making a political move or it 's coming from the heart .
16 Patrick landed across a rock , and lucky for him the ride was in to break his fall or it 's crippled he 'd be this minute .
17 Or it 's having a baby .
18 The Sawdoctors claim ( or it 's claimed for them ) that they 're the voice of a young , rural Ireland .
19 discretion or it is hoped that pupils would be afforded the opportunity to make their own , if
20 Above and below that size there will be a poor return for effort-either the gain is not worth bothering about , or it is achieved at too great a cost .
21 If they are placed in secondary roles , or it is assumed that women 's identity is to be found in mothering , then the fact of their presence reinforces a certain understanding of the feminine .
22 And the woman respected for her concern for the sick and deprived is told : ‘ Not to love is not to live , or it is to live a living death .
23 The redemption of the debenture is either refinanced by another debenture issue or it is repaid from any surplus cash .
24 One reason is that the distinction we have made between productive and consumption property is not always maintained , or it is applied in differing ways .
25 The wind picks up some snow , or it is snowing gently , as I snow hook the dogs to sort her out .
26 Where liability is admitted , or it is acknowledged that liability is likely to be established , then it may be sensible to try and agree an interim payment because it will probably be possible to secure a lower sum in interim damages than would be awarded by the Court if matters were so to proceed .
27 The old armour is either worn away gradually , as in crocodiles , or it is shed at special times in a complete ‘ coat ’ , as in lizards and snakes .
28 Depending on the evolution of management during the early 1990s , the confusions building up in the Training Authority 's role may need to be unravelled : either it is strengthened as an effective arm of central policy , or it is abolished so that the market — created by itself — can have freer play .
29 However , unless the expert clause says so or it is agreed by the parties before the appointment is made , the expert need have no particular qualifications at all .
30 The offeror will have to depend on publicly-available sources of information and whatever else it can obtain or it is required to be given under the Code ( see para 5.8 below ) .
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